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Which is the Best Freediving Snorkel 2023 that You Must Own?

Which is the Best Freediving Snorkel

Here are the best freediving snorkels for 2023 that have every best feature that you have been looking for.

Freediving is a risky sport but one can augment the pleasure of this amazing experience with the use of a snorkel.

A freediving snorkel features a simple system that easily expels water from the tube and the new snorkels don’t allow the water to enter the tube in the first place.

Their larger diameter allows better ventilation between two free dives.

Best Freediving Snorkel for 2023 Review

Freediving Snorkel
#1. Phantom Aquatics Ultra Dry SnorkelView at Amazon
#2. aegend Dry SnorkelView at Amazon
#3. ScubaPro ApneaView at Amazon
#4. High Quality Freediving Snorkel – Swim Diving Snorkel
#5. HI BLACK Freediving Snorkel
#6. Balight Silicone Diving Snorkel
#7. VBESTLIFE Diving Breathing Tube
#8. WHALE Professional Swimming Dreathing Tube Snorkel Silicone

#1. Phantom Aquatics Ultra Dry Snorkel

Having all the qualities of the best freediving snorkel, this dry snorkel makes breathing very easy and allows easy removal of water.

The efficient design of this dry snorkel eliminates the need for purging water out. It features an oval dry valve at the top, in combination with the large silicone tube, that makes this possible. The user-friendly mouthpiece makes it the top choice of many as it allows your jaws to be relaxed while you dive or swim.

The one-way purge valve makes it easy to remove any water out. Usually, the design doesn’t allow the water to enter, but if it does, then it can be removed easily even underwater. To enhance its quality and life, it is manufactured using a soft silicone that is more durable than PVC.

Another great feature of this snorkel is versatility. It likes to work side by side with others. You can easily attach it to the standard dive masks, goggles, and snorkels of many brands. The quick release adjustable clip makes it easy to attach or remove it from the diving mask. Overall, this system is made pretty much comfortable.

So, if you are on the tropical vacation or just enjoying a day at the beach, this snorkel can take your freediving to the whole new level along with snorkeling.  It is made for beginners and professionals alike.

#2. aegend Dry Snorkel

One of the best Aegend snorkels, this freediving snorkel offers top dry valve and hassle-free water removing with all the other amazing features.

The design and characteristics of this snorkel are really great. It has a super soft mouthpiece that doesn’t compromise with comfort at all. The food-grade liquid silicone makes it durable for prolonged use. The correct angled mouthpiece gives the good seal and makes it ideal to use. The mouthpiece is removable and can also be replaced if not needed.

With this snorkel, it is not hard to catch a breath as it features a large diameter tube that provides better and full breaths. The upper tube is oval and curved and present near to the head for improved performance. This overall construction makes breathing effortless.

The one-way purge valve makes it easy to clear any water that has entered the snorkel but its design restricts any water to enter the tube. The water removal is easy and can even be done underwater when you give a good blow.

The efficient top dry valve is smart in functionality and closes automatically when you submerged underwater. It is not easy for the water to enter this snorkel, and even if it does, the one-way purge valve handles the situation effectively.  This valve design is not like a float ball valve and sand and other things cannot hinder its functionality.

It is also easily attachable to other masks, snorkels, and goggles which make it an ideal choice for many. All in all, it is one of the best snorkels of 2020.

#3. ScubaPro Apnea

Simple as it can be, this Apnea Freediving Snorkel is unique in its construction.

The flexibility is one of the most important snorkel features to look for and this snorkel has the ideal flexibility to work underwater; it can bend but retains its shape. Made from the non-toxic silicone, it is highly reliable for prolonged use and lasts better than the PVC.

The tube has the just-right diameter for the freedivers. What’s make it different is the ability to select the pipe length. The upper barrel is easily removable if you don’t like the longer pipe and want to keep it short.

The attachment to the mask, goggles, etc. is very easy. It can be attached hassle-free when needed. The design of the snorkel makes it very portable. When you don’t want to use it, fold it and tuck it into your accessory pocket.

The bottom purge valve removes any water automatically from the tube. A good blow can clear it instantly. The top dry valve opens when you reach the surface and the dry snorkel closes automatically when you submerged.

Overall, this snorkel is long-lasting with efficient automatic mechanisms so no water can enter your mouth and you can breathe effortlessly.

#4. High Quality Freediving Snorkel – Swim Diving Snorkel

If you are going snorkeling freediving style, you need quality equipment that you can rely upon. This is one of the best pieces of gears on the market. The mouthpiece and the tube come with unique features which makes this such a good choice.

The mouthpiece and the tube have been constructed using PVC materials. This makes it an environment-friendly model both flexible and durable to withstand a lot of use at sea. At the bottom of the tube, the model features drain valves which act as a security feature to prevent water choking through the mouthpiece. The top of the tube is open and so it must stay above water for safe use. For this reason, this piece of gear is typically recommended for the more seasoned divers.

This snorkeling gear is easy to store and carry. The mouthpiece can be folded as it is quite flexible. The gear is available in five stunning colors including black, blue, red, yellow and white.

#5. HI BLACK Freediving Snorkel

This is another excellent snorkeling breathing tube that can be used not just in snorkeling but also during swimming, diving and any other underwater activities. Soft PVC has been used in the construction of this snorkel gear’s mouthpiece. This makes it comfortable to use the mouthpiece while also ensuring that it is flexible and durable. The tube utilizes rigid PC construction – in contrast to the soft PVC mouthpiece, the rigid tube is helpful in that it is more effective in staying above the waterline. It can also withstand rough and tough usage better.

The overall design of the mouthpiece and the tube is quite ergonomic which makes it easier to use. You may notice some initial odor due to the PVC construction of the gear but the odor will quickly go away if you leave it in the open for some time. The size of the gear is such that it is suitable only for adult users. It is available in two colors options – blue and black.

#6. Balight Silicone Diving Snorkel

The silicone diving snorkel gear from Balight is another addition to this list of top-rated snorkels. We have included this among our favorites because it comes with an excellent set of features. One of the most stand-out features of this piece of snorkel is that it is very flexible. This makes it easy to essentially roll it up and tuck it into your pocket or simply put it inside the bag. This ease of carrying the snorkel is especially useful if you are going to use it frequently.

Like most quality snorkels, this one comes constructed from food-grade silicone material. This makes it quite safe to use with no associated health hazards. The high-quality construction of this snorkel also ensures that it is complete free of any unpleasant odors, a problem that is often seen with some snorkels.

The overall design of this snorkel makes it suitable for not just snorkeling but also scuba diving, spearfishing, free diving, swimming and virtually any other underwater sports. The unisex design of this snorkel makes it perfect for both men and women. Weighing a mere 135g, this light-weight is very convenient to use. It is available in three color options: yellow, black and blue.

#7. VBESTLIFE Diving Breathing Tube

This is one of the most affordable models that we have included on our list. The sheer affordability of this snorkel makes it a very attractive option, although that is not to say that it doesn’t offer great features. It has a solid set of features which also makes it a very practical and useful choice.

A stand-out advantage of this snorkel is that it comes with a tube with a larger diameter. This allows a great amount of air and oxygen to enter the tube, making it easier to breathe through the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece itself is constructed from silicone and is not just durable but also replaceable. This means that if over time and excessive usage the mouthpiece wears out, you can replace it with a new one without having to replace the full snorkel. The mouthpiece also features a design that makes it comfortable and convenient to use.

The tube utilizes PVC material which keeps it soft but also quite durable. The soft profile makes it easier to roll up and store or carry the snorkel when not in use. It is available in two color options: black and blue.

#8. WHALE Professional Swimming Dreathing Tube Snorkel Silicone

If you are looking for a more versatile piece of gear to take with you on your next snorkeling outing, this is a great choice. The kit for this gear comes with a high-quality mouthpiece and a durable tube.

The mouthpiece has been constructed using food-grade silicone. This is a particularly important feature as it indicates that you can safely insert the mouthpiece into your mouth without any health hazards. This also makes this gear safe to have lying around at a home with kids. The gear has been designed to be suitable for a broad range of ages. This means that both kids and adults can use it for snorkeling, spearfishing, swimming, free diving and other underwater activities.

The breathing tube in this gear has been made using full wet type hard plastic. This ensures that the tube serves you in good stead during underwater activities and lasts a long time without sustaining any notable damage.

Weighing at around 125g, this piece of gear is very nifty and lightweight. You can also choose between models with valves and those without. The gear is available in three colors – shiny black, matte black and olive green. Of these, matte black and olive green models come without a valve while the shiny black model comes with valves as an additional safety measure in the mouthpiece. If you want a universal type of snorkeling gear that comes with a decent set of features, this is a great choice.

Different types of snorkels

Buying a snorkel could become confusing especially when you are buying it for the first time. There are different types of snorkels serving different purposes.

The Classic Snorkel

Also renowned as the J-style snorkel, it is a simple snorkel perfect for the beginners. It is a plain tube of plastic having a mouthpiece at one end. Free from any valve or deflector, this snorkel is for scuba diving and snorkeling both. Because of its simple design, it is the least expensive snorkel today.  It comes in bright colors to be spotted from the distance.

Snorkel having a Deflector

A bit advanced than the previous one, this snorkel comes with the deflector that doesn’t allow the water to go into your mouth. It may have or may not have a valve at the end to remove the water. Easily fixable to the masks, this snorkel is also ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling both.

Semi-Dry Snorkel

It is a kind of snorkel that may have a valve as well as a flexible tube along with a splash guard on the top. The splash guard doesn’t allow the water to enter the tube but some water may find a way when it is fully submerged in the water.

Dry Snorkel

When complete submerging in the water is the demand, this snorkel is considered the best. This snorkel doesn’t allow water or even air to enter when submerged because of the valve at the top. It is ideal for a bit deeper scuba diving.

Freediving Snorkel

It is a dark-colored snorkel that has a simple structure. Considered ideal for spearfishing as well, the dark color makes it perfect to not to scare the fishes away.

Full-Face Snorkel Mask

A combination of a dry snorkel and a full-face mask, this snorkel is ideal for the beginners. It allows normal breathing as there is no mouthpiece. A tube is present above the mask. This snorkel mask is good for snorkeling but not for scuba diving at all as it will create a lot of pressure on the face.

Best color for a snorkel

Snorkels are available in many different colors.  Bright and dull, everyone can get the snorkel of their favorite color.

But, which color to choose mainly depends upon your level of snorkeling.

If you are a beginner, then it is wise to go for the bright colors as it will become easy to be seen from the distance. But people who are veterans must go for the dull dark colors like blue and black as it will allow blending in the underwater environment and not disturbing the fishes much.

Fishes cannot see the colors properly but can distinguish different contrasts. A light color over the dark-colored background is not considered to be an ideal choice. However, it is mainly your own choice to select whichever color you like.

Snorkel buying guide

The use of snorkel is very old – over 5,000 years old. Leonardo da Vinci had also created its design. With time, so many new designs and innovations have made the snorkels just perfect.

There are many things to consider before buying a freediving snorkel:

Tube Diameter

The tube diameter should not be very small to resist air or very big to clear. For efficient breathing, a bit bigger tube diameter is needed but with comfortable functionality.


Comfort is the utmost importance for the freedivers because they spend greater time in the water.

A perfect mouthpiece for the freediving snorkel is the one that is smaller but has a comfortable angle. It also has the right distance from the tube.

Snorkeling and scuba diving mouthpieces are often bigger. A soft silicone mouthpiece is very comfortable.


Special polymers and silicone are considered to be the best material for the snorkels because they have the ideal softness and rigidity to fulfill all the demands of a good freediving snorkel.


The flexibility of the snorkel is a definite feature to look for. A freediving snorkel is simple but not a rigid tube.

When the snorkel is very soft, it will be compressed underwater that will lead to confined airflow. And when it is hard, obviously it will become uncomfortable and may cause pain.

An ideal snorkel is rigid to maintain its shape but also soft enough to bend against objects.

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