Best Groveler Surfboards 2023 – The 4 Boards You Should Pick Right Now!

Groveler boards are quite unique as they’re small in size but they’re packed with a punch. They’re one of the best options to go for when you’re looking for something fast that will rip through the strongest waves.

You’ll find these to come in a wide variety as their use ranges from beginners to advanced level surfers. If you’re looking for some of the best groveler surfboards for your 2023 surfing, look no further.

You’ll find a list of three of the best ones here, so let’s take a look.


Best Groveler Surfboards 2023

#1. Lib Tech x Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag SurfboardCheck PriceOur Review
#2. Solid Surf Co Bento Box SurfboardCheck Price
#3. Lib Tech x Lost Hydra SurfboardCheck Price
#4. Lib Tech Funnelator SurfboardCheck PriceOur Review

Groveler Surfboards Reviews

1. Lib Tech x Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag Surfboard

  • Magnesium Basalt Carbon Construction
  • Winged Outline for Tight Turns
  • Faster Transition Rail
  • FOC II Fin Box System
  • Carbon Fiber, Composite, and Epoxy materials

This Lib Tech x Lost Freak groveler board is perhaps one of the most demanded surfboard to have been released. It’s magnesium basalt carbon construction makes it highly durable, so you’ll enjoy this board for a long time.

The materials used for the board comprise carbon fiber, composite, and epoxy. All of these materials combine together and blend into one strong and durable surfboard.

You’ll find that the added hint of magnesium enhances the impact resistance of the board, while the shape of the board allows you to make the best cuts possible.

While it’s meant to be surfed short, you’ll find that this surfboard is packed with a lot of fun when you’re on the water. Enjoy an added bite as you’ll experience faster transitions through this surfboard.

The fin layout is quite exceptional as it features an FOC II fin box system that creates a stronger and lighter box with fin adjustability. So, you’ll be able to tune your board according to the unique characteristics it has.

2. Lib Tech Funnelator Surfboard

  • Magnesium Basalt Carbon Construction
  • Compression Flow Accelerator Technology
  • Light Swallow Tail
  • Full Plan Shape with Straight Rails
  • FOC II Fin Box System

The Lib Tech Funnelator is another ideal option when it comes to groveler surfboards. This one is the perfect option for those looking for a softer ride and hitting small waves that aren’t harsh on your board.

It’s full plan shape with straight rail lines allow you to enjoy your time out on the waters smoothly. This, along with the light swallow tail, makes the perfect combination for a relaxed surf time.

The Magnesium Basalt Carbon construction further enhances the overall longevity of the board as you’re able to ensure that you make the best use of it. The material blend used for the construction of this material allows you to enjoy an impact-resistant and a better performing surfboard.

All in all, the FOC II Fin Box system allows you to have a stronger, lighter, and more adjustable box that goes with your fin layout. You’ll also improve your agility with its thinned out and increased tail rocker curves.

3. Solid Surf Co Lunch Break Surfboard

The Solid Surf surfboard is considered to be a warrior of all small waves. You’ll find yourself paddling up to almost all small waves and see yourself hit even the most questioning waves out there.

The construction of the surfboard is done using a wide range of materials, including basalt, organic hemp, recycled polyester, steam-blown EPS, organic cotton, and plant-based resin. The blend of these materials results in a highly durable surfboard.

It is further reinforced with volcanic basalt fibers and a BIOflex construction that offers you excessive strength. The eco-friendly construction is ideal as it offers you versatility, strength, and durability while you’re surfing with this board.

The best thing about this groveler board is its beach ball shape that makes it easy to paddle and allows you to get more waves in. The performance squash tail further adds to the overall experience you have while you’re out on the water as you get to maximize your performance.


  • Basalt, Organic Hemp, Recycled Poly, and more
  • BIOflex Construction
  • Beach Ball Groveler
  • Quad Futures Fin Layout
  • Reinforced with Volcanic Basalt Fibers

What is a Groveler Surfboard?

A groveler surfboard is a type of surfboard that is designed to help surfers catch waves in small, weak, and mushy conditions.

These types of surfboards typically have a wider outline, fuller rails, and more volume than traditional shortboards. The extra volume and width make them easier to paddle and catch waves, while the fuller rails provide additional stability and buoyancy.

Groveler surfboards are usually shorter than standard shortboards, typically ranging in length from 5’4″ to 6’4″. They also often feature a flatter rocker, which means they have less curvature in the bottom of the board.

This design helps the board to glide over flat sections and generate speed even in slower, weaker waves.

Overall, groveler surfboards are ideal for surfers who want to have fun in small or weak waves and catch as many waves as possible.

They are great for beginners who are learning to surf, as well as more experienced surfers who want to enjoy surfing even when the waves aren’t pumping.

What size Groveler Surfboard?

The size of a groveler surfboard depends on a few factors, including the surfer’s weight, height, skill level, and the specific surf conditions they plan to ride in. However, in general, groveler surfboards are typically shorter and wider than traditional shortboards, with more volume to help catch small, weak waves.

Here are some general guidelines for choosing the right size groveler surfboard:

Length: Groveler surfboards typically range in length from 5’4″ to 6’4″. A shorter board will be easier to turn and maneuver, while a longer board will provide more stability and glide.

Width: Groveler surfboards are usually wider than traditional shortboards, with widths ranging from 19″ to 23″. A wider board will be more stable and easier to catch waves on, but may be slower and harder to maneuver.

Thickness: Groveler surfboards usually have more thickness than traditional shortboards, with thicknesses ranging from 2.25″ to 3″. More thickness provides more volume, which helps with buoyancy and wave-catching ability.

When choosing a groveler surfboard, it’s important to consider your skill level and the surf conditions you’ll be riding in.

A beginner or intermediate surfer may want a slightly larger board with more volume to help with stability and wave-catching ability, while a more experienced surfer may prefer a smaller board for more maneuverability.

It’s always a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable surf shop or experienced surfer for guidance on choosing the right size groveler surfboard.

The Main Characteristics Of Groveler Surfboards

Searching for the best groveler board can be tricky, which is why we’ve created a list of the main characteristics that you should keep an eye out for. Make sure that you don’t get confused by making sure you know what a groveler board looks like and the features is comprises.

  • Small in Size

One thing that you should know is that groveler surfboards are always going to be smaller than your regular boards. So, you’ll find them to be approximately between the size of 5ft and 7ft.

Always make sure that you get a good size when you’re starting out as something too small can cause you to lose your balance while you’re out on the water.

  • Different Shapes

Groveler boards are not one size fits all kind of boards. They come in a wide variety, so you’ll see them available in different shapes. This isn’t a cause for concern as different shapes only offer different surfing experience.

The narrower your board is going to be, the faster it’ll go. However, beginners are advised to go for one with a wider tail. This way, you’ll be able to keep your balance on the board.

  • Easy Paddle and High Speed

Groveler surfboards are renowned for the speed they have to offer surfers. When you’re out on the water, you’ll see this that these will allow you to surf smoothly and catch weak wakes while maintain a good speed.

You’ll find that you don’t require any push from the wave to boost your speed as the board does this for you.


Getting the best groveler surfboards in 2023 can be quite difficult given the wide variety you have available. We’ve eased thing up for you with a compiled list of three of the best options available for you in the market.

Don’t wait too long to invest in these as they’ll surely be in great demand quite soon. So, hurry and get yourself some of the best surfboards available.