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Which Is the Best Kayaks for Surfing This 2023 Season?

Which is the best kayak for surfing

Surf kayaking is a very similar sport to surfboard surfing. It is surfing in ocean waves using a kayak. This kayak has a design that keeps you going in the waves. When you use the right equipment while surf kayaking, it enhances your overall experience greatly.

For the best experience, you need the best kayak for surfing. We have collected the three best kayaks for surfing which are everyone’s favorite due to their performance and design.

Best Kayak for Surfing in 2023

1. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 8-Foot

When you are low on budget and want to have the best kayak experience, this kayak is a gem available in the market today.

Whether you are planning to have water fun alone or with the family, this kayak is well equipped with all the essentials. Even when you are a newbie, this kayak makes things easier for you. Tracking and paddling are made super simple which enhances your experience and provides stability. Anyone can handle it without any trouble.

When it comes to weight, you will not get disappointed. It is very light weighted and highly portable. You can easily shift it from one place to another. The size also makes the handling and transporting easy.

It is designed in such a way that every age can take the benefit. It is perfect for all ages. The adjustable padded seat back makes that possible. Furthermore, it provides comfort for all day long kayaking.

This Sundolphin kayak is versatile with a recessed drink holder, dry storage compartment, spray deflector/collar, and appropriate paddle holder.

Overall, this kayak is affordable and amazing for people who have just started kayak surfing. With this kayak, you can take on the waves and have fun during your favorite sports.

2. Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 One-Person Sit-On-Top Kayak

It is made for the ocean with awesome style and complete functions so you can have an elite kayaking experience.

This Kayak has a support track foot brace system which makes it very amazing. It has a secure grip with perfect control, thanks to its extra padding and contoured rubber.

To keep your food, gear, and other items safe, it has a large tank. Also, it has bungee for extra security. Whether in water or outside, it is easy to handle this kayak. It has a molded-in side carrying handles and also toggle handles to make it easier to carry.

The weight of this kayak is just right as well, only 53 pounds, which makes it highly portable. But with this weight, it can manage the weight of a 350-pound individual without lowering the performance.

Furthermore, it has a low-profile craft that makes it track and glide in the water easily. It has a highly comfortable hybrid seatback that offers lumbar support for whole day paddling.

Whether you want to enjoy kayak surfing alone or with the family, this kayak can be a good choice because of its versatility. If you want to have the budgeting kayak with great experience, this kayak can surely fulfill your needs.

3. AQUAGLIDE Navarro 130 Convertible Inflatable Kayak with Drop Stitch Floor

It’s a touring inflatable boat that can take your kayaking experience to a whole new level.

Navarro has everything you need to explore the unknown water world. You can use it to enjoy kayaking in the nearby lakes and rivers or to the coastal line. It features industry-leading drop stitched floors. Additionally, it also has hex shell covered pontoons and zip on decks.

This inflatable boat is very light weighted but highly durable that you can rely on it without any doubt. It meets your needs and plays as hard as you do. This kayak can be your water partner for many years and it can take rapid waters with ease.

It is made to give the performance you like. The features it has are exceptional which makes it stand out from others. It has a quick-release fin and a drain plug. To make it comfortable, it has a Velcro seat with a footrest adjustment system. Additionally, to keep your things secure, it has a zip-open dry storage compartment. Still, there’s more. It has a paddle keeper, accessory strap, D ring, and molded handle.

The weight is just 35 lbs. but it can bear the weight of the person up to 300 lb. It features higher pressure inflation that reduces the weight but adds rigidity to the floor to give the optimal paddling performance without enhancing its weight. The seat is comfortable and a rider can adjust it according to his requirements. This kayak is ideal for the whole family.

From the performance to the portability, this kayak is the best in all. It is perfect for all weather conditions. Aquaglide understands the customers’ demands when it comes to enjoying surf kayaking, it is well-equipped with everything to make this possible.

How to Choose the Best Surf Kayaks

Different kayaks are present in the market and they are classified using unique traits for instance, where they will be used, their structure, their purpose, and where to sit in them. Surf kayaks are perfect for the sea but can be used in lakes and lagoons. Some of the factors to look at before selecting a kayak are as follow:

Where to Sit:

Mainly, surf kayaks are sit-in kayaks with even a belt system to provide better control; however, there are sit-on-top surf kayaks as well for those who want to jump off quickly.

Sit-on-top kayak: Sit-on-top kayaks are boats for the slow streams and lakes. They can also be used in coastal waters. Some of them have storage space as well to keep food and gears for a night as well. Sit-on-tops are easy to get on and off. They feel good when the water is warm. Water easily drains through scupper holes and doesn’t need to manually pump out. Their weight is usually greater than the sit-in kayaks.

Sit-in kayak:  They are the best for day tours. They track straight and have greater speed with a covered storage compartment. Also, these kayaks are comfortable when the water is cool. Multiple points of your body like feet, knees, and butt are inside the boat which makes it ideal to be used in rough water and let you enjoy different stunts. The paddling is also easier than the sit-on-tops along with the control.

The shape of the kayak:

The shape of the kayak impacts the overall performance. The maneuverability and speed depend mainly on the length and width. When you want to have a quick tour, a long thin shape provides the advantage. But when there are twists like in rivers, then it is not the right option.

A simple way to remember is a kayak that is 16 feet long kayak has a faster speed than the 10 feet long kayak but the latter one will be easy to turn. Also, the narrow kayaks have a better speed than the wide ones, but the later ones have more stability.

Hull Shape:

Other than the overall shape of the kayak, the hull shape also plays a very important role in its overall performance. Keeled or V-shaped hull kayaks have better primary stability and they feel very stable at the beginning. They are ideal for touring. On the contrary, secondary stability of the flat bottomed kayaks is better. They might seem less stable at the beginning but later on, they become stable while moving. They are best for river running, or surfing.

Many sit-on-top kayaks have a tri-form hull which offers a combination of primary as well as secondary stability. They feature a long center keel that provides primary stability and two shoulders for secondary stability. With this hull, the speed is compromised a bit but the speed is incomparable.

For surf kayaking, flatter hulls are considered better because they are fast and offer the best maneuverability. They allow the paddler to turn and do their tricks on the wave easily.

Solo or Tandem

After deciding the above-mentioned things, you must consider with whom you are paddling. Will you always be alone or you will go with the partner? Depending on your requirements, select to paddle solo or tandem.  It is for the lake or river kayaking mainly because when it comes to surf kayaking, going solo is fun. But all the safety precautions must be taken. It is a very dangerous sport and can lead to injuries, and worse.


Surf kayaking is a fun sport and full of adventure. In the last few decades, it has gained much popularity because the surfers can reach the places with surf kayaking that wasn’t possible on the surfboard alone. Also, it is not as harder as surfing. Paddling the kayak is easier and just with a little practice, anyone can master it. We have selected the best surf kayaks here so you don’t have to do much. They are reliable and perfect even when you are starting new.