Best Kiteboarding Harness for 2023 – The List to Rely on Good

We have selected the best kiteboarding harness for 2023 so you can fully enjoy your kiteboarding hours.

Among all the kiteboarding equipment, a harness plays an important role because it keeps you safe and lets you maneuver the way you like. It connects you to the kiteboard and gives you the balance zone to have full control.

Best Kiteboarding Harness for 2023

Kite Harness
#1. Mystic Ladies Diva Bruna Kajiya Multi-Use Waist HarnessView on Amazon
#2. Ocean Rodeo Session HarnessView on Amazon
#3. Mystic Watersports - Surf Kitesurf & Windsurfing Aviator Seat Harness - Navy LimeView on Amazon
#4. Mystic Passion Womens Seat Harness Black 190116View on Amazon

#1. Mystic Ladies Diva Bruna Kajiya Multi-Use Waist Harness

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the women kiteboarders, this harness is one of the most famous among all.

Its high-quality material and amazing comfort make it the favorite of many. It features an anatomical backplate that changes shape to the natural curvature of the back so you get perfect support. Not only that, the soft neoprene edges add more comfort along with flawless protection. You can wear the harness on the bare skin without being troubled. Also, these edges provide extra fit which is comfortable.

If you are the one who wants to enjoy your ride, then it is the right choice because it gives you an extra soft feel like no other. The specialized HP loop system has a simple but efficient design to pull over the side buckles.

It is not like any regular harness that makes you uncomfortable while wearing it. It features a battle belt waist closure that keeps the hardness in its place and does not allow any kind of twisting. Not only that, but there is also a standard on the system that does not allow it to ride up.

Overall, with all the features and click bar 3.0, spreaderbar protector, and knife included, you get one of the best kitesurfing harnesses for any lady.

#2. Ocean Rodeo Session Harness

When you are looking for some extra comforting option for your kitesurfing, go for the Session without any doubt.

It is specially designed for kiteboarding with every feature that you like. It features no line snag points. All the buckles are hidden. The secure quick entry and exit spreader bar buckle further make things better.

You are getting the optimal back support that you can customize according to your needs. The size is adjustable with going up and down the hardness size to gain extra or lower back support. It is highly supportive but you will find it very flexible and it does not make you uncomfortable.

No matter what your riding style is, it suits all with front and rear leash attachment points. Also, you can reach the double-bladed hook knife with both of your hands. You get perfect support and coziness with molded PVC inner lining.

It is made very critically and has a unique hybrid harness system that allows you to wear it as a waist harness or seat. It is constructed to make sure that all the weight-bearing components remain in their place while you are on the move. On the whole, it is a harness to take your kiteboarding to a whole new level but with comfort.

#3. Mystic Watersports – Surf Kitesurf & Windsurfing Aviator Seat Harness – Navy Lime – Best Seat Harness

Mystic has astonished the kiteboarders again with this aviator seat harness.

This harness is made with great care and has a perfect design. It is created by expert kiteboarders and windsurfers who know the sports well. With its double power leash rings, you will remain in your place with comfort.

Further, it has comfortable leg straps so it won’t go up. It does not cause discomfort and keeps you in your place. It has cozy foam panels so you can totally focus on enjoying your kitesurfing.

With the neoprene buckle covers, you can remain secure in the place. It has a basic spreader 2 points system for further support.

Originally, it has an ergonomic shape which gives you amazing support with the comfort that you can rely on. This aviator seat harness is unisex and fits everyone really well. Available in two colors and diverse sizes, this harness can surely fulfill all your wonderful harness needs from durability to style.

#4. Mystic Passion Womens Seat Harness Black

With Mystic Passion, every woman can take her kiteboarding passion sky-high.

Having a comfortable design with durable construction, this seat harness is specifically designed for the women’s body. It gives perfect support and coziness to the back and whole body.

Furthermore, it has double power leash rings and neoprene padded leg straps. You will remain secure in your place and in high comfort. There is also an adjustable side release buckle on the leg straps.

The heavy-duty seat part can be your partner season after season. The soft edges give you comfort so you don’t feel the hardness on the bare skin. There is also a grab handle on the back.

Available in different sizes, it is a super comfortable harness that keeps you going on the water with style.

What Make the Best Kitesurfing Harness?

When you are about to buy a kitesurfing harness you will see that there are so many choices in the market to choose from. But what makes the best kitesurf harness? Harness that does not restrict you and lets you have an outstanding experience is the best; also, it must be reliable and durable and has high-quality construction. What qualities you must see are as follow:

Types of the kiteboarding harness:

The first thing to select is the type of harness. You will see that there are seat harnesses, waist harnesses, and boardshorts harnesses.

Usually, beginners and people, who want extra back support, go for the seat harness. It offers a lower hook point and wraps around the hip like a diaper. In original, it is considered to be the true kite harness and many experts go for it as well in long-distance races.

On the other hand, you can enjoy free riding with a waist harness. You can freely move your legs and be more maneuverable. It remains present between the hips and ribs and more comfortable to wear. Some of the waist harnesses have a taller back for better support.

At the last comes the boardshorts harness, they are highly maneuverable among all and have a lower hook point.

Which one to go for is your own choice. You can select any type that you find comfortable.

When you are done with your selection of the harness type, you must look for the things below:

Safety and security:

That’s why you need a harness in the first place so you can remain in your place while you are kiteboarding. It must have several straps to tighten you up. Also, it should prevent you from riding up. Further, it also has a space for the knife.


Harness connects you to the kite so while doing so it should not make you uncomfortable. It must not be very loose or very tight and does not put pressure when you ride. The edges must also be soft because you are wearing them on their skin, they should not penetrate or cause any trouble.

Quality of the material:

Most of the harnesses have soft cushioned neoprene which lasts long and gives you comfort while you ride. Also, the hooks should be stainless steel so that they don’t rust over time.

Perfect fit:

Harnesses are present in different sizes. You must select the right size because only the right fit can keep you in your position without causing any muscle fatigue.

All these things must be present in any best kite harness. It should be reliable, durable, and comfortable. Well, our list also contains only the best so you can be trouble-free while making your selection.