The 6 Best Kiteboarding Kites for 2023 and Trainer Kites

If you have a passion for kiteboarding, it is important to get the right kites to indulge your passion. The best kiteboarding kites are the ones that are functional, safe and durable enough to last a few years.

The Guide about Best Kiteboarding Kites

Your kitesurfing style will likely adapt to the kite you use, so make sure you put some though into it before making the final decision.

To make the task easier for you, we have brought together this quick review guide for you.

In this guide are included brief reviews of some of the best kitesurfing kites for the 2023 season.

Also included in this guide are general guidelines on the factors to consider before you choose a kite that’s right for you.

Best Kiteboarding kites for 2023

#1. Ocean Rodeo RazorCheck Price
#2. Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing KiteCheck Price
#3. Cabrinha 2020 AV8 KiteCheck Price
#4. Ocean Rodeo ProdigyCheck Price
#5. Liquid Force 2020 NV KiteCheck Price
#6. SLINGSHOT Sports Raptor V1 Kite 12m 2020 ModelCheck Price

Best Kitesurfing Kites for 2023 Review

#1. Ocean Rodeo Razor

Designed to take the wind like a pro, this kite has every feature to give you the best ride.

Ocean Rodeo’s Razor is really a sharp kite to meet all ends. It is made in such a way that you get an amazing load and pop power. Drifting is what you have imagined in different wind conditions. No matter what the weather offers, it gives you a perfect kiteboarding day.

If you are into freestyle riding, then using this kite means there are no boundaries. It is a pedal-to-the-metal kite that gives you enough high speed to do whatever you like. When you want to ride boldly, this kite can be your partner with its fully powered kite loops.

If you are looking for more, then the Razor’s experience of 10 years is enough to provide proof of its performance; it has the power that is under your control so you can handle it without any error. Made specifically for the skill riders, it comes in different sizes so you can choose whichever you feel comfortable with. Further, its quick relaunching abilities make it everyone’s favorite.

On the whole, it is the power generating, fast turning, a high-quality kite that gives you control to enjoy this dangerous sport.

#2. Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing Kite

The next in our list of top kiteboarding kites for the 2023 season is the Ocean Rodeo Flite kite. Ocean Rodeo has been around for a while and the company has been manufacturing increasingly high-quality kitesurfing equipment over the years. Flite stands apart as being one of the more light-weight kites on the market.

The latest offering in the Flite line-up comes with 3 struts. Ocean Rodeo has used swept tips in this kite to enable quick relaunch regardless of the wind conditions. The kite also makes use of a hybrid design which gives you a good balance between power and control. For enhanced control over the kite, Flite includes a bridle system. This lets you depower and control the leading edge as per the need of the moment.

Flite maintains its canopy shape in all wind conditions thanks to the precision curved struts. The canopy itself is constructed either with Dacron or Teijin Technoforce material, depending on the model you are looking at.

Flite is a kite that is meant to deliver a solid performance despite a relatively compact profile. This kite certainly offers both durability and reliability in a nifty package.

#3. Cabrinha 2020 AV8

If you are looking for a kite that offers good power and high-performance foiling, look no further than the Cabrinha 2020 AV8 kite. This lean and sleekly-designed kite has much to offer for players who want to take the kitesurfing to the next level.

The AV8 has a five-strut design which enables it to offer an excellent power sources, allowing riders to achieve an exceptional degree of foiling on the water. The arc of the kite is supported by the use of Dacron which ensures excellent tenacity. Being incredibly durable and specifically suited for foiling, the kite is great for different styles and conditions.

The flat arc of the AV8 also means that despite incredibly powerful and lofty jumps, you are sure to make perfectly smooth landings. The kite also offers good handling and great upwind performance.

If you are a kiteboarding enthusiast looking for big air, this aerodynamically designed is a perfect option. It is available in size options of 11m or 9m.

#4. Ocean Rodeo Prodigy

With all-around performance and the quality that you can rely on, this kite gives you a wonderful kitesurfing experience.

Made to perform in different kinds of conditions, Prodigy is one best kites to hold on to. It is built around a robust 3 strut design which makes it one of the best selling Ocean Rodeo’s kites.

The versatility of design makes it perfect for a diverse wind range with amazing stability. If you are the person who is looking for the outstanding freeride on the waves, then it is one good option because you get amazing power delivery with the pop you enjoy.

Even with powerful construction, you have complete control. The turns are smooth and let you ride with the flow.

The drift is super with easy relaunch capabilities. It also has high flow inflate and deflate valves. Overall, with this kite, you are getting a quality that allows you to have the best kiteboarding experience.

#5. Liquid Force 2020 NV

Liquid Force 2020 NV Kite is another one of our favorites for the 2020 season. This kite comes constructed by Liquid Force, known for manufacturing a wide range of high-quality sports equipment.

NV kite comes with a 3-strut architecture which gives me a more agile and light-weight profile. Liquid Force has optimized the canopy in this kite and used more girth in the leading edge, both of which contribute to make the kite more durable and stable.

The leading, edge, integrated strut and optimized canopy enable you to wield this kite with far better handling and more reactive feedback. Suitable for both beginners and more advanced players with an aggressive style, the kite is a good combination of power and control.

The 2020 NV kite is available in a variety of sizes including 7m, 8m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m, 13.5m, 15m, and 17m. It is also available in ocean blue, sky blue and sand yellow colors.

#6. SLINGSHOT Sports Raptor V1 Kite 12m 2020 Model

One of the best kitesurfing kites to have recently hit the stands is the Sports Raptor V1 kite from Slingshot Sports. The company is known for manufacturing a wide range of high-quality sports equipment.

The Raptor V1 kite is designed to be perfectly suited to players at different levels. It offers a freestyle performance, making it easier to ride with this kite. The structure of the kite features a hybrid Open-C canopy with a five-strut design. The kite is constructed using some of the strongest and stiffest materials in use across the industry. This gives V1 kite its exceptional durability and safety rating.

With its swept wingtips, this kite is perfect for some aggressive performance on the water. You can also enjoy lofty airs and more radical when using this kite. Overall, V1 offers an excellent degree of versatility in performance and boost on the go. It is sized at 12 m.

Best Trainer Kites for 2023

#1. Slingshot Kiteboarding B3 Light Traction Kite 3 MeterMy Review
#2. Ozone Ignition V2 3-Line 2.5 MeterMy Review

Trainer kites are, as the name indicates, a simpler version of the kiteboarding kites. These kites are meant to train you before you can ride the kite on the water and this type of kite totally fit for beginner.

Trainer kites typically come with a control bar, kite lines and the bridle. It does not have any harness, so you are essentially holding the control bar and that’s it.

The lack of harness also means that if the wind is hard and you feel like you are losing control of the kite, you can simply let go of the control bar.

Trainer kites give you an idea of how it feels like to hold and control a kite. You are able to have a go at using the kite without going into the water.

#1. Slingshot Kiteboarding B3 Light Traction Kite 3 Meter

The slingshot kiteboarding B3 Light Traction kite is one of the best trainer kites we have seen. This kite is geared at adult learners and has all that you need to get started with kiteboarding training.

The kite comes complete with flying lines, control bar and safety leash. You also get a bag in which to store all the items of the kit.

Slingshot has also included an instructional DVD with this kite which gives you detailed guidelines on how to use the kite.

The B3 Light Traction kite is fairly light-weight. It is also quite easy to control so that you don’t have to worry about using it for the first time. Slingshot claims that with this kite, you will be board-ready in about 3 to 9 hours and we tend to agree.

#2. Ozone Ignition V2 3-Line 2.5 Meter

Another great trainer kiteboarting kite is the Ozone Ignition V2 kite. Unlike many of the trainer kites which feature only a 2-line design, this kite has a 3-line design. In addition to the two lines on the control bar, the third line attaches with your wrist. This lets you launch or relaunch the kite quite easily while also ensuring your safety better.

The Ozone Ignition V2 is available in size options of 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m. If you are a complete beginner, you should preferably go with the 2.5m model as it offers the best combination of power and performance.

Ozone has used the professional-grade Internal Landing and Re-Launch system in this kite which gives a simulation that is very close to the real thing. The safety leash is intuitively designed and easy to use so that you are able to use this kite with complete peace of mind.

Ignition V2 also weights quite little. It is easy to pack and carry around. You can also set it up and start flying it in virtually no time, thanks to pre-attached lines.

How many Types of Kiteboarding kites?

A wide range of kiteboarding kite types are used in kitesurfing. Each type has its own stand-out features and advantages. Here is a quick look at these various types:

  • C Kite: C Kite is the traditional type of kite which was mostly used in the early days of kitesurfing. Today, it is used rather rarely and only by the most experienced riders. This is simply because it is quite hard to use a C kite. It has a narrow wind range and not exactly a supportive relaunch mechanism. It also narrows you down to a single riding style.
  • C Kite Hybrid: The Hybrid C Kite is an improvement upon the original C kite. This type of kite offers a larger wind range and better support in upwind drive. It also supports freestyle riding with big vertical jumps.
  • Bow Kite: The Bow Kite is one of the more popular types of kitesurfing kites. This is simply because it offers a good range of features suitable for all riding styles and levels. Bow kites offer an excellent wind range, are easy to relaunch and are great for upwind riding. However, they are relatively slow compared to some other types of kites.
  • Hybrid Bow Kite: The Hybrid Bow Kite is the best of both worlds. It retains the positive features of the original Bow Kite while removing the negative features. Hybrid Bow Kite offers better speed, upwind performance, response time and unhooked performance. This is why this type of kite is very popular among the kiteboarding enthusiasts.
  • Foil Kite: Also known as a ram air kite, the Foil Kite has no struts or leading edges. Instead, it features cells which have to be filled with air. This type of kite is most commonly used in foil racing although it has several notable downsides such as difficulty of launching and a complex bridle system.
  • Delta Kite: The Delta Kite is a combination of the Bow Kite and the C Kite. The consequent kite is shaped more like a D and is suitable for beginner to intermediate players. The Delta Kite is easier to use but it isn’t very effective.

Thing to consider when choose the Kitesurfing kites

When choosing a kiteboarding kite, you must consider a number of factors. By considering these factors, you will be able to make a far better choice and get a kite that best suits you. Here are the key things to consider when making the choice:

  • Your Style: Your style as a kiteboarding rider largely determines the type of kite that is best suitable for you. So you must take some time to understand, identify and define your style. Are you a complete beginner, an aggressive player, someone focused on performance or simply a casual rider who likes the freedom of riding on the water. Depending on your style, you will need the power, control, stability and other features in a kite that best meet you requirements.
  • Kite Types: A variety of kite types are available on the market, many of which are listed above. Once you know your style, it is time to match it with the best type of kite.
    • If you are a freerider, your best bet would be to go with a Hybrid Bow or Hybrid C kite.
    • If you are more geared towards surfing the waves when using the kite, you will need a more responsive type such as a Hybrid-C SST kite.
    • Hybrid-C SST is also the perfect choice if you are a foiler. It offers good steering, quick relaunch, reliability in downwind conditions and a solid performance all over.
    • For a complete beginner, the Hybrid Bow or Delta kites types are great. These cover all the basics while ensuring a safe, easy and smooth ride.
    • If you have a more aggressive freestyle interest, the Hybrid-C RPM should be the way to go. It offers excellent pop, reliable steering in high-wind conditions and great performance.
    • A C-shaped RPM kite is also perfect for you if you want all-rounder versatility and performance on the waves.

Ultimately, the right kite is one that matches you present level of skill and helps you take it to the next level. So it should be both comfortable and challenging.

If you are a complete beginner, you may take some time to identify your style which is okay. Just make sure you don’t push yourself into using a kite that is not right for you.

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