Best Longboard Surfboards for 2023 – The 11 for Beginner and Advanced rider

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, it is important that you ride the best longboard surfboards to make the most out of the sport.

After hard work, researching, ask professional surfers we have find top 9 longboard surfboards that best for you.

With this cool list, we are sure that you will be able to make an informed decision when get a quality longboard in this season.

the best longboard surfboards

Best Longboard Surfboards for 2023

Longboard Surfboard
Solid Surf Co EZ StreetView on evo
JJF by Pyzel LogView on evo
Catch Surf Blank Series 8'0"View on evo
Walden Surfboards Mega Magic 2 SLXView on Amazon
Creative Army Seahorse PUView on Amazon
Modern Surfboards Retro PUView on Amazon
Creative Army Five Sugars PUView on Amazon
StormBlade 10ft SurfboardView on Amazon
Catch Surf Odysea Plank Single Fin SurfboardView on Amazon
Wavestorm 9' Classic Pinline SurfboardView on Amazon
Catch Surf Odysea 8'0"View on evo

#1. Solid Surf Co EZ Street Surfboard – Best epoxy Longboard

With a low rocker, blunt nose, and pin tail, this board lets you enjoy from small waves to gigantic ones.

To give you an amazing feel and durable construction, Solid Surf has added a number of materials. These are organic cotton, organic hemp, basalt, plant-based resin, steam-blown EPS, and recycled polyp. Thanks to its Bioflex construction utilizing plant-based epoxy resin core and hemp lamination, it has versatility and strength. This board is also reinforced with volcanic basalt fibers.

To make things easier for you it has a blunt nose; it improves paddling and noseriding. It has a round pin tail that provides greater maneuverability. Even in the steep conditions, it gives you an amazing hold. Furthermore, its bottom features a single concave nose that provides stability and speed alongside vee through the tail which gives you simpler rail-to-rail transitions. The rail type is a full rail that further improves paddling and stability.

It offers you a quad plus center fin setup thanks to which you can enjoy great versatility. You can set one fin for speed and cruising. When you want more grip and responsiveness you can go for double fins. And for extra speed and maneuverability, you can use the whole quad setup.

Made on the West Coast, this egg board styled surfboard has every feature to make you learn or slay the waves like a pro.

#2. JJF by Pyzel Log Surfboard

From the looks to performance, Pyzel log knows how to make you fall in love with surfing.

When you are looking for a lightweight, better quality, and fun-providing board, this longboard has everything that you need. It is equipped with Funformance technology that gives it one of the best constructions you have ever seen. The construction lets you go from a beginner to a professional.

This board has highly durable but very light-weighted epoxy/ fiberglass. To enhance durability with performance, you get a full-length recycled EPS foam core with an internal wood stringer. A soft EVA top layer further increases the life of this board.

It has a thruster fin setup with genuine futures fin boxes. You can set them to tune the surfboard as you like. Its square tail is drag-producing and highly responsive. And to give you better speed, it is equipped with a flat bottom that can even take smaller and slower waves. It also features hand-sanded rails.

Designed by John Pyzel and John John Florence, this board is classical and can take any wave while keeping you stable and maneuverable.

#3. Catch Surf Blank Series 8’0″ Surfboard

Catch Surf knows how to provide you with the best while remaining within your budget, and this board is the one best example.

When you want to take every wave and have many new things to learn, this board is best for you as it designs to meet all your learning needs. This board is all about having fun while having high-quality construction with amazing design.

It is constructed using three basic materials: polyethylene, wood, and composite. It has a tough dual composite core for high durability and to support it even further, it has triple maple-wood stringers. With the durable HDPE slick bottom, you can easily glide on the water with perfect stability. The old school PE deck keeps the board protected while giving you enough room to perform.

Furthermore, it has a classic pop-thru thruster fin set with a leash plug. You can set the fins as you like and tune the board as per your needs. No matter whether you are a veteran or just a beginner, this board is super fun for all levels. Its special shape makes it easy for it to catch every wave. Thanks to its squash tail, you get enough versatility to perform as wanted.

#5. Walden Surfboards Mega Magic 2 SLX

The Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX features one of the most popular Walden surfboard designs.

This board comes with a slightly shorter design compared to the original Mega Magic board. Walden has used EPS core with a timber stringer in the construction.

With its new design, the Mega Magic 2 surfboard comes with an increased volume. With a shorter size and a greater volume, the longboard surfboard still offers plenty of stability and float. It is available in length options of 7 foot 2 inches, 8 foot, 9 foot, and 9 foot 6 inches.

The center is sized at 23.5 inches in 7 foot 2 inches and 8 foot models. The 9-foot size features a 24-inches center while the 9 foot 6 inches model features a 24.5-inches model. The Mega Magic 2 board features redistributed volume so that it is about an inch thicker and 1 to 2 inches wider.

It also weighs less compared to the original Mega Magic which makes for a more maneuverable and high-performance board.

Thanks to its unique design, this surfboard is incredibly responsive. It is also perfect for riding in a variety of conditions and is right for both beginners and advanced riders.

#6. Creative Army Seahorse PU – Best Noserider Longboard

The Creative Army Seahorse PU Surfboard is a throwback to the classic days of longboard surfboarding. It features a simple yet elegant and stylish single fin design. With a full template, the Seahorse PU features a low rocker.

The surfboard is constructed using polyurethane material. Its profile is a traditional rocker which makes this board perfect for nose ride, fluid turns and a wide range of other fun on the waves.

The low rocker enables you to maintain stability while pulling off those harder lines and maneuvers. Seahorse PU is available in length options of 9 foot 2 inches and 9 foot 8 inches. The thickness at the center for each model is 2.75 inches and 3 inches respectively.

One of the most distinct features of this model is its looks. Like its design, the looks are also reminiscent of the classic surfboarding days. Available in three fresh, aqua-themed looks, you have plenty of choice when it comes to Seahorse PU.

#7. Modern Surfboards Retro PU

The Modern Surfboards Retro PU is another excellent longboard surfboard for this season. The board features a fairly wide design and offers excellent stability. It is categorized as a flat entry rocker that offers plenty of glide and flow.

This surfboard is available in length options of 9 foot 1 inches and 9 foot 6 inches. The thickness of the two versions is 3.25 inches and 3.375 inches respectively.

It is available in two awesome color options – Tone Blue and Tone Green. Modern Surfboards has constructed this board using polyurethane material. With long and parallel rails, this board offers a fairly huge space on which to stand and walk.

The design of the board makes it great for fast paddling and flowing. The board also offers good maneuverability thanks to a slight lift in its tail section.

#8. Creative Army Five Sugars PU

An outstanding performer in a variety of different conditions, it is one of the best longboard surfboards available today.

The creator has added the top design features on the surfing board. The simple yet powerful design allows you to charge on the wave without any trouble. It offers fast trimming with fun surfing.

Along with its many dashing features, this surfboard has a slightly pulled in tail that helps in making smooth turns and flowing with the water. The nose also plays its part by giving a stable platform to face the harshness of water.

Made from polyurethane and featuring 0.25 cedar stringer, you can trust this longboard surfboard blindly.  When you ride it, you know that you are going to enjoy the bulk of surfing with the board. Available in two different sizes, you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Not only that, but it also features a higher volume that gives this board even more stability and powerful paddling. If you have just learned some tricks than this board is all for you.

#9. StormBlade 10ft Surfboard

This surfboard has every gear that is required for an ultimate surfing experience.

Made with great care, this board has just the right thickness according to its long body. This board is designed for all kinds of surfers; whether you are a newbie or an expert, with this surfboard you can take your surfing one step ahead.

Technically, it features superior EPS core along with three-ply marine stringers. They are here to give ample support to the board while surfing. Fins are removable which makes it easy for the board transport from one place to another.

This surfboard gives a nice and fun experience whether you head to the rough sea or just want a nice float on the lake.

#10. Catch Surf Odysea Plank Single Fin Surfboard

The traditional single fin design but much more innovation, this surfboard will never disappoint you.

This board is capable of withstanding many things, and when you want something just extraordinary then this bat is for you.

When this board hits the water surface, it gives the smooth glide without any trouble. If we look closely to the construction, it is made using dual composite core having triple maple ply stringers for optimal support.

The deck is created to keep your floating and enjoying, while the bottom is carefully maintaining the balance and gives stability to the board.

From beginners to experts, this surfboard is for all.

#11. Wavestorm 9′ Classic Pinline Surfboard – Best Beginner Longboard Surfboard

This is the classic surfboard that is renowned much because of its performance.

Among all the Wavestorm surfboards, it is the one best selling boards today because it is not very hard to handle. It is very light weighted and easy to handle. Its amazing qualities make it perfect for beginners especially but the veterans can also take the advantage.

It features EPS foam core with three stringers that make it highly durable. The HDPE bottom slick also has a greater grip so the board shape remains the same for many days to come.

With the amazing eye-catchy design, this board can bear you in the water when you are lesser than 200 lbs. It is created with great care to meet all the current surfboard experience.

#12. StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade

The StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade longboard surfboard is primarily geared at the beginner and intermediate riders, although more seasoned riders can also have a lot of fun with it.

StormBlade has construction this surfboard with an EPS core together with 3x Marine ply stringers. The design of this surfboard features a well-calibrated thickness which ensures good stability and performance in most riding conditions.

The construction of the board features a high-grade High Density Polyethylene slick bottom. The 9FT Storm Blade surfboard is available in four sizes from 10 foot to 7 foot.

Whether you are just getting started with longboard surfboarding or aiming to take your skills from beginner level to intermediate level, this board is a great choice. It is available in two stunning color options – aqua green and oceanic blue.

#13. Odysea Catch Surf Plank Single Fin Longboard

Another excellent longboard surfboard that has made it to our 2019 top list is the Odysea Catch Surf Plank single fin longboard. The company manufactures a wide range of surfboards every year and the single-fin Plank board is one of its best offerings for this season.

Plank surfboard features a stiff dual composite core together with highly durable triple maple-ply stringers. On the bottom, the board has HDPE slick bottom.

There is no board mesh and the board tail has a crescent design. The combo composite core of the board ensures that it is highly durable and offers good stability and performance through most riding conditions.

The Plank surfboard is available in four sizes – 6 foot with a 64-litre volume rating, 7 foot with a 72-litre volume rating, 8 foot with an 86-litre volume rating and 9 foot with a 98-litre volume rating.

Thanks to its simple yet functional design, this surfboard offers tons of float and enables you to catch waves easily for riding.

The board is available in two stunning color options – a neat dark green and another version with red-and-white stripe design.

This board from Odysea is one of the more affordable surfboards of this season.

This makes it especially great for the riders who want to get started on the waves with a limited budget.

#14. Catch Surf Odysea 8’0″ Plank

It’s an old-school-style board that is made using advanced techniques.

This single fin surfboard has everything to improve your surfing experience. It is made using polythene and wood. It features old school PE deck with triple maple ply stringers. This construction provides it with greater durability. Further, it has a stiff dual composite core and durable HDPE slick bottom with a bumper tail. With this construction, you can enjoy riding this board season after season.

When it comes to fin layout, you get a special fin box that is compatible with any standard longboard fin. If you are just starting surfing, then this board is ideal for you because it provides better stability while you surf. Even when you are at an intermediate level and want to enjoy easy wave catching, you can get on to this board. Riding this board super fun for sure for everyone.

If you are looking for greater float, then you can have it on this board. It has a pin tale that keeps your board very stable even when you are going at higher speeds. Thanks to its flat bottom, you can even surf on smaller and shorter waves which is great for your learning.

On the whole, this beater hybrid plank has every feature to augment your surfing experience.

Things to consider when choosing Longboard Surfboards

When selecting a longboard, there are many things that you should consider.


You will find that most longboards are made from the following materials:

Polyurethane: It’s foam with a balsa stringer having fiberglass. Their stability depends on the stringers and glass amount that is being used.

Epoxy: A very common and lightweight material that adds durability to the board. They work very well in optimal conditions but when windy, they may shake.

Balsa: It’s a form of wood that has greater strength to weight ratio. It also has better flex that’s why it is used in making longboards. Wooden boards can be hollow from inside or complete. They are also durable.

Nowadays, many companies are making the combination of all three materials to give you better durability, strength, and flex.


For the beginner there are two major kinds of longboards:

Traditional logs: They offer better stability for nose riding and walking. They are ideal for softer days and have heavy fiberglass construction.

Soft tops: These boards have better buoyancy and durability. They have softer foam. Their construction makes it easy to catch every wave.


The shape plays an important part when it comes to performance.

When it comes to the length and width, round and curvier board will be slower but gives you extra maneuverability. They are highly responsive. In the contrast, a straighter and narrower board has better speed and gives you better performance when the waves are bigger. They are less responsive but easier to paddle and glide well.

Square tail and blunt nose give you perfect nose riding but the board can be slower. On the other hand, the sharp tail and narrow nose give you better speed and maneuverability.

Bottom Contours

There are different types of bottom contours.

Flat: It allows you to enjoy slower and smaller waves. Overall, it offers faster speed.

Vee: Ideal when come to turning, but when going in a straight line you might find it slower.

Concave: You get better maneuverability on the whole; perfect to be used when the waves are larger.

Convex: It helps in rail-to-rail transition and adds extra responsiveness when you start your turn. But it slows you down on the whole.

Channel: It increases speed as well as lift. However, you may find it difficult to turn when turning at a slower speed.


You find two kinds of rails:

Hard rails: They have less volume and provide more hold for performance in larger waves. They sink the board while turning and give extra control.

Soft rails: They have more volume and let you enjoy smaller waves. Don’t sink into the waves and provide smooth surfing.


The rocker profile of the longboard also influences its performance. When you get more rocker, the board will be slower but looser. It is better when the water is rough and you have higher waves. Less rocker means your board is a bit flatter and it gives your better speed but you feel difficultly while turning.

If you are just starting then don’t go for a board with more rocker. As longboards with more rocker are for the veterans, you must go for the less rocker to gain better control and enjoying smaller surf. Further, it helps you to create more speed while paddling and surfing.

A bonus tip

These are the few points that you must consider before buying a longboard. But you can save your time and select from the list that we have given above. You will surely get one of the best longboards in the market today because we have selected our list with great care.

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