The 5 Best Mid Length Surfboards for 2023

After I researching carefully, These are 5 best mid length surfboards for 2023 that will help you enjoy in waves.

Mid Length surfboard will shorter Longboard and longer shortboard. If you would like to looking a surfboard which can ride on any size of waves and easier than ride on shortboard then mid length is fix for you.

Now, let’s go to the list!

5 Best Mid Length Surfboards for 2023

Best Mid Length Surfboards for 2023

#Mid Length boardImageSize (Length - Width)
1The Critical Slide Society Hermit PU7′ – 21.75″, 7’6″ – 21.85″, 8′ – 22″View on evo
2Salt Gypsy Mid Tide Surfboardsize: 6’4, 6’8, 7’0, 7’4View on evo
3NSP Coco Dream Rider Funboard7’2″ – 21″, 7’6″ – 21.5View on evo
4Quiksilver Tech Break Surfboard7'x20.75", 7'3"X21.25, 7'6"X21.25, 8'X21.75View on evo
5Roxy Tech Minimal Surfboard7', 8'View on evo

Mid Length Surfboard Review

#1. The Critical Slide Society Hermit PU

  • Size (Length – Width): 7′ – 21.75″, 7’6″ – 21.85″, 8′ – 22″
  • Material: PU Construction – Polyester
  • Fin: 2+1 FCS II
  • Tail: round

This Board is very versatile. You can ride smooth on mid waves with diference shape and sizes. Whether you want speed or mobility, this board has it all.

#2. Salt Gypsy Mid Tide – Best for ladies

  • Size (Length – Width): 6’4, 6’8, 7’0, 7’4
  • Material: PU Construction – Polyester
  • Fin: 2+1 FCS II
  • Tail: round

The Salt Gypsy board help you ride in any type of waves, Whether small or big waves. and if you are ladies then this board is for you.

#3. NSP Coco Dream Rider Funboard

  • Size (Length – Width): 7’2″ – 21″, 7’6″ – 21.5″
  • Material: EPS core, Resin
  • Fin: Thruster/Tri
  • Tail: Pintail

If you are intermediate riders and lover environment then this board is for you. Why?

Because the board made by CocoFlax technology very friendly for environment but no less strong.

The special design wide and construction make this board very easy to catch waves and durable.

#4. Quiksilver Tech Break

  • Size (Length – Width): 7’x20.75″, 7’3″X21.25, 7’6″X21.25, 8’X21.75
  • Material: EPS Core
  • Fin: Thruster/Tri – 3 Fin
  • Tail: Squash

If you are intermediate riders who those would love improve skills and fun then this board is for you.

With design wide, symmetrical and light this board really is a machine for catching waves.

#5. Roxy Tech Minimal Surfboard

  • Size (Length – Width): 7′, 8′
  • Material: PU Core, Fiberglass with polyester
  • Fin: 2+1
  • Tail: Squash

If you looking for a surfboard for small waves and medium waves then do not ignore this boards.

The board be design high volume than normal so easy to catching waves. Beside it also bring to you comfortability during paddling and performance is very good.

This board really fit perfect for beginner and intermediates. Don’t ignore this one.

What size surfboard is considered mid length?

The exact length of a mid-length surfboard can vary depending on who you ask, but generally, mid-length surfboards are typically between 7 and 8 feet in length.

They are larger than shortboards (which are typically less than 6’6″ in length) and smaller than longboards (which can be 9 feet or longer).

Mid-length surfboards offer a good compromise between maneuverability and stability, making them a popular choice for surfers of all skill levels.

What board to get after a mid length?

The type of surfboard you should get after a mid-length surfboard depends on a few factors, such as your skill level, the types of waves you want to surf, and your surfing goals.

If you’re a beginner, you may want to consider getting a longboard next. Longboards are typically 9 feet or longer and offer more stability and forgiveness than shorter boards, which can be helpful for learning how to catch waves and improve your overall surfing skills.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced surfer and want to start riding more high-performance waves, you may want to consider getting a shorter board such as a fish, a funboard, or a shortboard.

These boards are typically more maneuverable and responsive than longer boards, which can help you take your surfing to the next level.

Ultimately, the best way to determine what board to get next is to talk to experienced surfers, consult with a local surf shop, and test out different types of boards to see what feels comfortable and suits your surfing style.

Can I duck dive a mid length?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to duck dive a mid-length surfboard. Duck diving is a technique used to get under an incoming wave while paddling out, and it requires a combination of timing, strength, and proper positioning of the board.

With a mid-length surfboard, you may need to use a bit more force and precision to successfully duck dive compared to a shorter board, but it’s still possible to do.

The key is to approach the wave at a slight angle, paddle hard to gain speed, and then grab the rails near the nose of the board and push down while simultaneously diving under the wave.

It may take some practice to master the technique on a mid-length surfboard, but with patience and persistence, you should be able to get the hang of it.

Are mid lengths good for small waves?

Yes, mid-length surfboards can be a great choice for surfing small waves. Mid-lengths are typically designed with a bit more volume and width than shortboards, which can make them easier to paddle and catch small waves.

In addition, mid-lengths can be very versatile and perform well in a wide range of wave conditions, from ankle-high to head-high waves. They are typically more stable than shortboards, which can be helpful when surfing small, crumbly waves that lack power.

Overall, mid-length surfboards can be a great option for surfers who want a board that can handle a variety of wave conditions, including small waves.

Who is the mid board suitable for?

Mid-length surfboards can be suitable for a wide range of surfers, from beginners to advanced surfers. Here are some of the reasons why mid-lengths can be a good choice for different types of surfers:

Beginners: Mid-lengths are often a good choice for beginner surfers because they are generally more stable and forgiving than shorter boards, making them easier to paddle and catch waves on. They also offer a bit more maneuverability than longboards, which can help beginners start to develop their turning and trimming skills.

Intermediate surfers: Mid-lengths can be a great option for intermediate surfers who are looking to improve their surfing skills and start riding more challenging waves. These boards offer a good balance of stability and maneuverability, allowing intermediate surfers to hone their techniques and take their surfing to the next level.

Advanced surfers: Even experienced surfers can benefit from riding mid-length surfboards, particularly when surfing smaller, weaker waves. Mid-lengths can be very versatile and offer a lot of room for experimentation and creativity, allowing advanced surfers to explore different styles and approaches to wave riding.

Overall, mid-length surfboards can be a great choice for surfers of all skill levels who want a versatile, all-around board that can perform well in a variety of wave conditions.

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