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Best Skim Style Wakesurf Boards for 2023 – Top 5 Boards With The Much Needed

Skim style wakesurf boards have their own amazing qualities. A good board not only improves your abilities but also takes you to the pro level in no time. We have searched high and low to find you the best skim style wakesurf boards that are present in the market today.

They all are the true marvel of their creators and improving the performance of many overall.


Best Skim Style Wakesurf Boards for 2023

1. Idol Surf Butter Knife Carbon Skim Wakesurf Board 2021

Made to give you smooth performance like the butter knife cuts the butter, this Idol skim surfboard is ideal to boost your abilities.

This wakesurf board is constructed with EPS foam core, carbon fiber, and bamboo. Along with these, 6 oz of multiple layers of fiberglass is being wrapped on either side. Having non-toxic epoxy adds extra power and strength.

It has a pintail shape; thanks to this you get smooth turns and control the board in the way you like. The rocket is flat which gives you better stability and speed as more board is touching the water. Further, the hard rails hold and glide the pocket more easily.

Developed for the advanced riders, it has future fins. There’s a larger fin that is for the beginners and a future fin for the experts. With its fin boxes, you can upgrade other fins to further augment your performance.

With bottom base contours and an EVA deck pad, this wakesurf board is more than perfect when it comes to giving you a lifetime experience.

2. Liquid Force Reign Skim Wakesurf Board 2021

When you want a perfect combination of performance with style, the Liquid Force has created something beautiful.

In this skim style wakesurf board, you will get an aero core with carbon reinforcement. Thanks to the use of this material, the board becomes very light in weight and highly responsive. With the single concave hull base, you can be sure of its stability. It helps you to create the perfect lift and gives you more float.

As many riders like, this wakeboard is equipped with a shaper rail. It gives you more aggressive yet improved acceleration. You can also expect it to have better speed overall.  It fins make sure that you grip the water right. It has a single SK fin to meet your needs.

Available in two different colors and many sizes, this foam wakesurf board is perfect for you if you like to take your wakesurfing to a whole new level.

3. Idol Surf Skrom Skim Wakesurf Board 2021

With amazing features and super design, this wakesurf board is made to give you the right beginning.

This board is the Idol’s special skim wakesurf board for beginner and intermediate riders. Having EPS foam core, it has a 3-ply stringer. Furthermore, to add more strength to its construction, it has three layers of 6oz fiberglass at the top and bottom. Also, the non-toxic epoxy gives it the strength you desire.

Thanks to the flat rocker, the board remains much stable and allows jumping at higher speeds pretty quickly. Also, the flotation is amazing.

Like other Idol wakeboards, this skimboard has Future fins. One is larger for the beginners and the other one is for the intermediate riders i.e. Futures TMF-1. It has the Futures Fins boxes that allow you to upgrade the fins in whatever you like.

Furthermore, this board has hard rails; thanks to this it gives you glide and hold in the pocket more easily.

Overall, with this skim wakeboard, you can enjoy your favorite sport in the most fun way.

4. Lib Tech Air’n Skim Wakesurf Board 2022

With consistent performance, amazing pop, and ideal speed, this wakesurf board is built to give you the best wakesurfing experience.

Constructed using the ecoIMPACTO thermo pressure fusion process, this board has environment-friendly durability like no other. Along with this, this process also adds up performance and takes your surfing to a new level. The material used is new to the surfing industry but highly reliable.

Moreover, it has ecoIMPACTO Carbon Beam that further enhances flex, pop, and speed. The foundation is strong and super powerful to keep you going always. Its toe-to-heel edge control makes this board highly maneuverable. Thanks to its hard edge, the rail is held better in the water.

This board has the FOC II fin box system which is one of the world’s best boxes. It is 40% lighter than the old boxes with the most advanced features to improve your performance.

Built for the intermediate to advanced players, this wakesurf board is made to enhance your maneuverability and improve your performance many folds.

5. Ronix Modello Fish Skim with Straps Wakesurf Board 2021

Easy to start, ideal to maneuver, with this wakesurf board you can switch to a pro level in no time.

This board has the company’s most solid construction that is also highly durable. For this, it uses Modello that adds more connection between the board, rider, and water. To further enhance the durability, it uses liquid lava high temp surf resin which has the ability to endure extreme heat.

This wakesurf board is free from all kinds of human errors as all parts are machined to exact specifications. This board is not too thin or thick and gives you the classic feel. It has the standard thickness to give you perfect speed with the feel.

There is an amazing fin setup with two 2.3” and one 2.9” polycarbonate fins. Further, it has hard rail that is built for speed. Additionally, this board features a machined EVA front pad with concave and machined EVA rear pad with an extra tail kick. There are also two removable adjustable straps.

On the whole, this board is built for beginner and intermediate riders who want to augment their performance in a way that everyone remembers.

What Is A Skim Style Wakesurf Board?

Skim style wakesurf boards are different from others in many ways. Their shape is symmetrical from one end to another and also has thinner profiles. Also, for the base, there is little to no channeling at all; this means that these boards can easily break free to make spinning better.

Because of their thin profile, they sit lower in the water as their volume is reduced. Thanks to this feature, these boards have better edge control along with improved maneuverability with quickness.

Different Between Skim Wakesurf Boards And Skimboards?

From the shape to the performance, there are many things that make wakesurf boards different from the skimboards.

Can You Use A Skim Board To Wakesurf?

Wakesurfing has its requirements. To catch the rough waves, you need much buoyancy as well as fuller control to take things into your hands. Using a skim board to wakesurf is a bad idea, but you can have it a try to test it once; who knows what new you learn from the experience!

Skimboards lack the necessary volume needed to catch up with the waves inside the water. If you are highly skilled in catching waves, then probably you can try.

But if you are just beginning then stick to the board that is specifically made for that special kind of sport. Like, use a wakesurf board for wakesurfing as it will give you better control with the desired performance.

Difference Between Skim Wakesurf Boards And Bodyboards?

There are many differences between skim wakesurf boards and bodyboards.

Shape and size:

 Skim wakesurf boards are shorter and wider and somewhat rounder in shape while the bodyboards are much more rectangular with a pointed nose and a broader tail. There are different types of tails for bodyboard as well that helps in holding waves and maneuverability.


Skim wakesurf boards are made from wood stringer and fiberglass. For the bodyboards, the bottom is plastic while the top layer has the foam layer; it has a plastic core.