The Best Surfboard Fins for 2023 – Futures & FCS2 Fins

Amateur and professional surfers need to understand the importance of choosing the best surfboard fins. This is because choosing the right fin and using the perfect fin setup can help take you to the next level.

Whenever you are out surfing on the water, know that your performance is ultimately a combination of several key factors. Unfortunately, pure talent and skills are not enough, even if you are putting in enough time and practice. Your surfboard and every one of its components also plays a huge role.

We are here to help you do just that. Keep reading to find the best fins for surfboards

Best Surfboard Fins 2023

Choosing the right surfboard fin can be quite challenging. After all, there is no shortage of products out there. Luckily, we are here to help. We went through the trouble of checking out which surfboard fins are worth your time and which aren’t.

Listed below are some of the best fins 2020. Take note that we made an effort to make our list as diverse as possible to appeal to the different surfing styles. Undoubtedly, there is something for everybody here. So, be sure to explore your options carefully.

#1. Futures Fins – AM2 HC Thruster – Best Futures Fins

First, we have a large-sized balanced fin in the form of the AM2 HC Thruster. Featuring a design made by Al Merrick of Channel Island Surfboards, you can expect nothing less than a stellar performance from this surfboard fin. Take note that the AM2 HC fin is designed to bring out your best performance, regardless of the wave conditions.

The Honeycomb is a 3-Fin Thruster fin set with a Ride Number of 4.6 and a neutral flex pattern. In layman’s terms, riders, especially bigger surfers, are more given a more versatile option than they are used to. It even has a smaller fin that gives you increased maneuverability on the water.

Needless to say, you can expect an all-around surfing experience from the AM2 Honeycomb fin.

#2. FCS II MF Neo Carbon Large Tri Fins – Best FCS2 Fins

One of the most interesting features of this fin is the fact that it is made from a special kind of neo carbon material. That said, it consistently gives its rider the extra dose of power and speed they need by maximizing the whipping effect it gets through the fin’s tip. Don’t just take our word for it. Once you give it a try, you will immediately notice how it consistently gives you maximum drive off your fast and energetic turns.

Remember that these Neo Carbon fins are made from high-grade resin and long strand carbon. This means that they have a significant spring-loaded flex while being incredibly light on the water, making it ideal for fast power surfing. That said, if you are considering getting this fin, remember that it is best used in softer conditions. It also works best with shortboards equipped with a moderate rocker.

#3. Future Fins F8 Vector II Blackstix 3.0 V2F8

Next, we have another highly-acclaimed fin if you are a fan of the Thruster set up. This fin works best if you are trying the get the best possible speed in smaller waves. Moreover, it also gives you increased drive while its thicker tip effectively gives you some much-needed hold when you are on the rail.

The F8 Blackstix fin is among the most balanced templates on this list. That said, the 3 fin set up makes them incredible especially on during sloppy days as they never fail to give you that extra push you need down the line. The fins’ design and springy flex pattern also go a long way in terms of giving you a great surfing experience.

Needless to say, surfing with these fins can be incredibly fun as it lets you make the most of those small to medium waves. With the Blackstix, you will never have to worry about going too fast as they are incredibly intuitive and very responsive on the water.

#4. Naked Viking Surf Large GL Thruster Surfboard Fins

Next, we have the GL Thruster surfboard fin from Naked Viking Surf. Developed in San Diego, it is a large fin designed for surfers weighing over 175 lbs. One of the features that caught our eye is the fin’s Bamboo Core. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable design choice that we simply fell in love with. The fact that bamboo is, by nature, lightweight and flexible makes it one of our favorites here.

From its design and construction, it is made undeniably clear that NVS made great efforts to enhance the fin’s performance. For instance, both the trailing edge and tip have been reduced significantly to give you a flex pattern that is both impressive and responsive. In addition to this, its overall design helps enhance your hold through turns while also minimizing any drag that you might otherwise experience.

If you want to go fast while still retaining a full sense of control in powerful surf conditions, this is the fin for you.

#5. South Bay Board Co. – Premium Surfboard Fins

Finally, we have the Standard Reinforced Plastic Molded FCS Fins and the Premium Fiberglass Reinforced Molded FCS Surfboard Fins from the South Bay Board Company. This is interesting as it gives you a choice between two types of fins.

That said, we found that both fin sets are incredibly well made as they are molded from premium fiberglass. As you would expect, these effectively help optimize the rider’s performance and experience on the water.

While you can expect high-level performance and unparalleled consistency from both of these fins, the choice is ultimately yours to make depending on how you want to approach your surfing experience.  Needless to say, we think these fins will be great additions for your board.

Types of Surfboard Fins

Now, it is time that we take a closer look at the different kinds and set-ups available to you. After all, knowing how to differentiate these fins should help you make an informed decision when the time comes.

So, before we proceed, we’d like to state here that we’ll be focusing on the removable fins and not the kind that is glassed-in. After all, you are probably looking at this guide because you want something customizable and versatile on your board.

Surfboard Fin Categories – Materials

  • Fiberglass Fins – This is the classic option available to you. Made from multiple layers of fiberglass cloth and resin, these fins are strong. Take note that these fins are usually stiff, especially when you are using them for shortboards, which makes them perfect for riders looking for optimal stability and control.
  • Composite Fins – As the name would suggest, Composite fins are made from more than one material. It is also often the default option that comes with most boards. These fins are incredibly lightweight and sturdy, likely due to the fact that they are made by injecting resin with fiberglass.
  • G10 Fins – Built for extreme flexibility and durability, these G10 methods are made from an epoxy and fiberglass laminate. In the water, these fins are able to provide their users with high levels of drive while still retaining a full sense of control. This is because they are notably stiffer than most surfboard fins. They also effectively give their riders a controlled flex.
  • Performance Core Fins – These fins are considered as among the top-tier board accessories that you can use. Made from robust and lightweight materials and sporting a honeycomb design, these fins are specifically designed to give its riders a unique riding experience. Finding fins with the same stiffness and flex patterns as these Performance Core Fins would be a tall order. After all, their super lightweight construction gives them a distinct advantage over everything else.

Surfboard Fin Systems – Box Types

Aside from the differences in materials, another important aspect of surfboard fins that needs to be discussed is the box type that they use. If you are not familiar with the term, the box type refers to the way the fin is attached and secured to your board.

  • Dual Tab System – The Dual Tab system is also commonly known as the Fin Control System (FCS). As the name suggests, these fins make use of two tabs or plugs that can be attached to your surfboard. The system’s simplicity and intuitive nature are its biggest assets, making it the most widely used surfboard fin system today.
  • Single Tab Fin Boxes – Another widely used surfboard fin system is the Single Tab boxes, commonly known as the Futures Fins. Instead of using plugs, these fins are attached to your board through the Truss Base located along the entire length of the fin box. They provide riders with a strong connection that is easy and convenient to secure.

It is worth noting here that these style fins are not interchangeable. This means that you are stuck with the fin boxes that come with your surfboard. So, be sure to consider this when looking at the different surfboard fins in the market today.

Finding the Best Surfboard Fins

Finding the best fins for surfboards is a tricky question to answer. After all, it is all about finding the surfboard fin set-up for you. This means that you need to take a closer look at your surfing style and craft a system that works best for you.

Fin Size

Remember, fins come in various sizes. Your choices are affected by several factors including the size of your board and the strength of the waves you will be riding. After all, you shouldn’t use the same fins for your large wave board and your short wave board as the surfing conditions are undeniably different.

In addition to these, you also need to factor in your weight and size so that you can choose a fin that will work for you.

Surf Style and Fin Configuration

Most boards now come with several fin boxes. Be sure to set these up according to the way you want to surf. This way, you can make the most of your experience. Listed below are the different surfing styles and our recommended fin configurations.

  • Traditional Surfing – Traditional surfing, which entails shooting straight at fast speeds, is best when you are using a single fin system. This is the most common set-up for longboards. Just remember that turning will be limited, though that is something you will be using. Instead, expect great levels of stability and control.
  • Playful and Maneuverable Surfing – If you are just looking to have some fun on the water, then a dual fin configuration would be a great choice. They give you longer turns and closely resemble a skateboarding experience, albeit on the water. Just remember that these are not ideal for big wave surfing.
  • Pro Surfing – If you are looking to push the boundaries of surfing, then you must try adapting a Thruster set-up. The 3 fins work together to give you an excellent riding experience. They help enhance your sense of maneuverability while giving you all the stability and control you need on the water.

There you have it, everything you need to know to find the surfboard fins for you. Remember, the way you set-up and configure your fins will ultimately affect the way you ride on the water. That said, be sure to look at our choices for the best surfboard fins 2023 to see which of them best suits your style.

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