Best Wakeboard Towers for 2023 – Tips to Buy One!

Wakeboarding is a fun sport and it becomes more entertaining when you use a wakeboard tower. It takes you well above the water levels and lets you enjoy your favorite tricks in a better way. Here are the best wakeboard towers for 2023 that are perfect for providing you with all the support you need while you maneuver. 


Best Wakeboard Towers for 2023

1. Reborn Launch Reverse Arch Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower

Universal design with high-quality construction, this wakeboard boat tower is all you need to maneuver like a pro.

This wakeboard tower is made to ideally fit diverse boat beams of 76” to 106”. Its universal design makes it possible.

The tower is sturdy and long-lasting. You will find it highly durable and reliable as it is made from seamless 2.25” 6063 aircraft grade aluminum tubing – the best material you can find for the tower. For the fittings, you need not worry as they are also CNC machined solid 6061 aluminum; they keep the tower secure in place. All the hardware is made from high-quality stainless steel so there is no trouble of rust or damage.

You can easily fold down the tower below windshield height whenever you need to; whether it is for a boat house or a garage. It comes with quick-release knobs too.

Moreover, it is very easy to assemble and install this tower. It takes around 3 hours to install this tower and also it is a simple task to do so.  All in all, this towers to let you enjoy your favorite sport more.

2. Origin Catapult Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower

With excellent craftsmanship and high-quality material, this tower not only looks cool but also gives you 100% in every way. 

When it comes to the material, you are seeing only the best. It features seamless 2.25″ aircraft grade 6063 aluminum tubing that means this tower can be your boat’s partner year after year. Furthermore, the feet and joints are solid CNC machined 6061 which assure their quality. Not only that, but all hardware is also stainless steel so no weather harshness can hurt them. 

Moreover, it is also easy to store this tower mounted on the boat, no need to remove it. You can easily fold down the windshield by removing 1 screw in each front leg. 

This wakeboard tower is an ideal size for the boats having beams of 78 inches to 106 inches. Thanks to the single bolt feet, installing this tower is really simple. It takes no more than 3 hours to install it and anyone can do it. In simple words, it is one of the top wakeboard towers in the market today.

3. Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower Boat Bimini Top

If you want to stay out of the sun on the water, then enjoy your boat ride under this wakeboard tower boat bimini top. 

The special design of this bimini top allows you to mount it over or under your wakeboard tower. Also, it is highly easy to mount and fully customizable to meet the dimensions of your tower.  

As it is fully adjustable, it easily fits all kinds of towers. The arms are up to 20-inch adjustable, approximately 10-inch on each side. The length for this top is 74 inches and the width is 62 or 53 inches. 

The acrylic canopy is present in black or navy blue color. Fabric is manufactured using 1200 Denier Heavy Duty Canvas. The quality is amazing and it does not wear or tear when facing the harshness of the weather. Also, the tubing is 1-inch stainless steel.

This cool shade needs no straps and rattle free. Also, the installation is very simple and no drilling is required. Moreover, this bimini fits many different brands.

4. Krypt Towers Pro Air Universal Wakeboard Tower Polished

This wakeboard tower has the latest looks and it is equipped with every feature that is in the demand of professionals.

Designed to make any boat look appealing, this wakeboard tower comes with many advanced features.  It has a custom sidebar design that follows the windshield which gives it great popularity.

This wakeboard tower has a universal design and easily fits the boats having 76″-108″ beams. The deck mounts easily fit all side deck, angle deck, or top deck, thanks to the ability to swivel 360 degrees. Storage is also quick and easy as it can easily fold down below the windshield. 

For the material you see, this Tower is made from 2.25″ 6061 polished aluminum so you can rest assured that the quality is great. Furthermore, it is easy to install this tower with instructions in your hand and all the important hardware included. The company claims that the installation time is less than 2 hours and it’s an easy job to be done.

With the single bolt feet and solid rattle free run, this universal wakeboard tower makes wakeboarding more fun with the best possible quality.

How to Choose the Best Wakeboard Towers?

With the huge list of options available in the market, selecting a wakeboard tower is not an easy task. There are so many things that you need to check before making the right selection. From material to craftsmanship, everything should be perfect. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best wakeboard tower.


When it comes to the material of the tower, you must have seen the words 6061, 6063 etc. Here is what they mean.


6061 is a high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is known for its strength and less weight. If you see T6 with 6061, it means that it has the highest temper level. T5 has a lower temper level than T6, so the smaller numbers show reduced temper levels. 


6063 is a weaker aluminum than 6061 but still very powerful; it is an architectural metal alloy.  It is not as powerful as 6061 and offers light to medium strength but enough to hold the rider in its place without any damage.

Using aluminum also has many other benefits as well. It is easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, and lighter in weight. All these things make it perfect to be used in the tower that’s why it is used in the construction. 

Stainless steel is also used for the production of wakeboard towers but because of their heavyweight, they are not liked very much. The extra weight affects the performance of the light-weighted boat and changes its weight center. Most of the time, steel is used in making the hardware or smaller boat parts including hinges, bolts, etc. to give them a longer life.

Type of mounting feet

A good mounting feet design is the one that allows top, angled, and side mounting and is also easier to install while remaining in its place. On the other hand, a badly designed foot can be loosened easily and offer less flexibility.  

To make things efficient, manufacturers use a single large bolt per foot that is tightened from the center and the weight is equally distributed to the whole mounting foot. With this design, the boat doesn’t need many holes. Smaller and multiple bolts per foot are also offered but because of their smaller diameter, they may loosen easily. 


If you need to store your boat in the garage, it is important that the tower gets to the height of the windshield. Thus, many new models have a tower design that is easily foldable. The tower can bow down without doing much effort or removing the tower totally. 

Other than these important things, when you are going to buy a wakeboard tower, look for your budget too along with the wakeboard tower installation. Nowadays, many models have an average installation time of 3 to 4 hours even when you are doing it for the first time. You can always take professional help but it will cost you extra. 

Question related

Is wakeboarding easier with a tower?

Wakeboarding becomes more fun and easier with the tower. You can wakeboard without a tower but the rope will be present at the back of the boat. When the rope is closer to the water, it always pulls you down instantly when you are in the air. Also, turbulence behind the boat directly impacts the rope tied at the lower end which hinders your air maneuvers. 

With a wakeboard tower, the rope tie point is well above the water. You can do your wakeboarding tricks easily as the rope will not be dragging you immediately to the water. Also, the turbulence behind the boat will not affect your performance. It also makes it easy to get up on the board. In short, the tower provides you with all the time you need to stay in the air. 

Where do you place a wakeboard tower?

When it comes to wakeboard tower mounting on the boat, you can take professional help or do it yourself. With every tower comes an instruction manual that has all the details to install a tower.

When you are going to mount it yourself, plan ahead. Determine mounting points beforehand and it totally depends on your choice. You can place the tower far forward, in the middle, or backward. It also depends on the style of the tower, like there are forward-facing towers and aft-facing towers. You can place it wherever you find more convenient.

While placing the wakeboard tower, you must also check for the wiring and other sensitive points that cannot be drilled. 

Is a wakeboard tower worth it?

A wakeboard tower elevates the height of the rope that means the tow point is well above the water to allow you to do your tricks. Worthy or not, here are the reasons for you to decide.

Align the rope with the rider in the air

When you use the wakeboard tower, the rope and the rider are aligned when air maneuvers are performed. Thanks to this, the rider’s height is not restricted during the wake. You can have more fun while doing aerial tricks. 

High tow point pulls the rider up

When the tow point is high, the rope will always pull the rider up. It is not only beneficial for the advanced riders but the beginners too. It’s like the tower is doing half of the work for you to pull you out of the water. When the tow point is near to the water, the pull is not that strong and you need to put all your efforts to stand up.

Less chance of tangling

The rope that is way up high has a lower chance of tangling than the one near the water. 

More storage space and fun

Most towers provide you space for racks to hold the board. Also, the tower can be accessorized by adding speakers, light bars, or bimini tops. Bimini tops keep you safe from the sun and give a nice relaxing shade when you are not wakeboarding and on the boat.


You can start wakeboarding without a wakeboard tower, but once you try it with the tower you will know where all the fun resides. With the wake tower, you have a higher tow point that aligns you with the rope when you are in the air.

Not only that, but it also gives you an extra pull when you wake to make things better and more entertaining.  It also adds many customization options to the boat.

Additionally, your boat with the tower looks way cooler than the boat that doesn’t contain a tower. So, it is definitely worthy adding a tower to your boat when you want to enjoy wakeboarding to its fullest.