Does Wakeboarding Make It Easier for You Practice Standing on Board in Kiteboarding?

Learning stand up on board in Kiteboarding is very difficult and spend a lot of time. in real there are many peoples have given up when they come to this step.

So, are there any ways to make it easier?

Yes, there are many ways to do that and one of them is Wakeboarding.

Why? Below I will explain for you Why?

The first We need to know about the similar points about them.

In basically, Wakeboard similar kiteboard and the way to stand on wakeboarding also like kiteboarding.

It mean when you stand up on the both types of them. Your weight on your back leg it mean your back leg will bent and front leg is straight.

If you want go fast forward just reduce pressure of back leg in to the board and do opposite if you would love it slower.

In wakeboarding you don’t care about kite so you can focus on board also your stand therefore you can play wakeboarding within 30 or 1h learning.

There is interesting point that you completely using the kiteboard to playing wakeboarding.

Tip: use the kiteboard to practicing wakeboarding. You’ll be on the board soon. when you’ve finished mastering your stand then return kiting and apply all things you have learn to stand up kiteboard.

However, there is different points you need to pay attention to:

In wakeboarding, force in your arms. You need to strain your arms to keep the force.

In kiteboarding, force in your back so you no need to strain your arms but on the contrary, relax your arms as much as possible.

So, There is a disadvantage of people who practice wakeboarding before learning to kiting that when they water start they usually strain their arms and pulling the bar too much toward them. This will make the kite drop on the water.

Now, you know that disadvantage so just take note of it. Try to relax your arm when you kiting then it will work.

Kiteboarding is simple if you find the good ways to learning it. There are a lot of kitesurfers use this way and it work very well.

Now, next to you. Come on and don’t give up!