Hyperlite Wakeboard Review 2021: All You Need to Know

Wakeboarding has emerged as a fun sport liked by everyone. With the best wakeboard in hands, it becomes more fun. Hyperlite Wake Mfg. is one of the top wakeboard brands known for its quality products. In Redmond, Washington, this company first set foot in 1991 and didn’t see back after that. The whole company’s portfolio is filled with a diverse range of amazing wakeboard that is loved by all because of their super design and top construction. This Hyperlite wakeboard review 2021 will give you more detail about them.

Not only wakeboards, but Hyperlite is also renowned for wakesurfs, paddleboards, vests, wakeboard bindings, and so much more. Hyperlite is considered to be a pioneer in the wakeboarding industry. The company’s affiliation with the legendary wakeboarder Shaun Murray, who has the honor of being the four-time world champion wakeboarder, has also increased its popularity. He is still the favorite wakeboarder this year.



Hyperlite itself claims to be one of the longest-standing wakeboard companies in the world. Its boards have many qualities that will make you see the name of this brand in many favorite wakeboard listings.

Here are the qualities that give Hyperlite wakeboards many 5-star ratings.

  • Perfect Quality

When it comes to quality, you don’t see any flaw in Hyperlite. Their wakeboards last really long and have high durability.

  • Lightest but Sturdiest

Hyperlite has many wakeboards that are the lightest. Even their name suggested that their liking of low weight, but with that, the quality is not compromised.  Their many boards like Riot, Murray Pro, etc. have the lightest weight yet they are highly durable.

  •  Use of Innovative Technologies

When you study the features of the Hyperlite wakeboard, you will come to know many different terms. All are the company’s innovations to give you the best performing wakeboard ever. From the core to the lamination, you will see innovation everywhere.

  • Trust of Big Names

Hyperlite is the choice of very notable names in the wakeboard industry. The top names include Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Trever Maur, JD Webb, Noah Flegel, and many others.

These are a few of the qualities. People claim that once they start to use Hyperlite, there is no liking for any other brand remains.


When it comes to the built quality and design, HyperLite is surely flawless. But as nothing is perfect in this world, so is this company. You may find some problems in some of the cheaper models. and the price is higher than other companies.

The price is doubled due to the extra features; one can only know the real difference when having different wakeboards in hand. However, it is Hyperlite that we are talking about so expect something out of the box in the expensive names.

Who is Suited for?

Wakeboarding is a water sport gaining much popularity over time. Hyperlite wakeboards are for everyone. When you are just beginning this amazing sport, you will find different models that suit your needs.

Then, when you want to switch from the beginner to one step further level, you will see a lot of their good intermediate wakeboards.

Lastly, for the advanced wakeboarders, Hyperlite is like a treasure chest. There are so many outstanding wakeboards that add extra beauty to their expert maneuvers.   

What do customers say about this wakeboard brand?

Hyperlite is the name that is liked by all because of its high-quality and super-performing wakeboards.

The best part about having the internet is that you can know online what people think about any product. Customers’ reviews are the best thing to head when you want to know how your desired product will perform.

People who use it say it is a board to buy again, beautiful in looks, amazing in performance, absolute love, easy to ride, great pop, and loads of fun. On the whole, this board is the best in less.

Every customer of a Hyperlite wakeboard is a happy customer. You can check many reviews yourself and you will only see praises.


Hyperlite has been providing first-class wakeboards for a long time. The company has been winning hearts for many years and continues to do so with every new model it launches. It has all kinds of wakeboards for diverse kinds of riders. Whether you are just entering the magnificent world of wakeboarding or you are a veteran, you will find Hyperlite wakeboards perfect in many aspects.

When you desire to have a wakeboard that lasts long, is durable, and has an awesome feel, then every Hyperlite wakeboard is built to provide you with this fun. Moreover, these boards are among the top list of the best and the most likable wakeboards in the world. If you really want to have a professional feel from your very first day, then it is a must that you try Hyperlite once.