The Good Wind for Kitesurfing at Malibu Beach Mui Ne Today

The wind at Malibu Beach Mui Ne today between 14 – 20 knost. So great for kitesurfers used 10m Kite. This wind we use 10m Kite because as we know regular wind is 14 knots and wind gust is 20 knots so we use 10m kite is reasonable.

There are 2 russian guys play with us. So friendly guys. we hope see them tomorrow. We have seen a girl photographer she is taking. So cool girl. We desire she will take us a few picture :D. Just joking.

Today, Mr. Huu used 133 cm board and it suit with him. He is upwind easy. and me there is a fall big jump so pain. However, it’s ok no pain no gain and I have done it good many again after that.

Below is me.

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