Kitesurfing Bar and Lines: How the Length Effects to the Kite

So, have you ever wonder that the size of kitesurfing control bar (bar length and lines length) how effect to kite?

Yes, in this article i will cover about this.

Now, let’s dive into!

Ok, I will don’t waster your time and go fast to main topic.

If the kitesurf lines is short then the less power of the kite but the kite will go faster and opposite the more length of lines the more power of kite (but the will go slower). It’s easy to understand that with the shorter lines is distant from your hand’s force to kite is short and the kite will move fast.

How about the kite bar length?

Yes, if the bar is long then the kite will move faster when you control it and if the bar is short the kite will go slower when you steering.

So, keep in mind:

  • Lines short: fast and less power of the kite
  • Lines long: slow and more power of the kite
  • Bar short: the kite moving slow
  • Bar long: the kite moving fast


  • Smaller kite using the shorter lines and bar
  • Bigger kite using the longer lines and bar

What common kitesurfing bar and lines that the kite use?

  • Kite 6,7,8m usually use bar below 45cm and the lines 20m
  • Kite 9,10,11,12,14… usually use bar below 55cm and the lines from 24m – 26m

So, can you use the shorter lines and shorter bar for bigger kite?

10m kite with 10m lines

Yes, you can do it. in this case the kite will less power as itself and the kite will move a little quickly. in real, We usually use the 10m lines for 10m kite in training students at KitesurferArea. This will reduce the power of the kite and more safety for beginners.