Kitesurfing in Phan Rang Viet nam

I have a short trip to phan rang for researching for my kitesurfing in phan rang in future and i have some of discovery interesting below:

  • The all most beach at phan rang is flat water. This easy to understand because there are many mountain around these place.
  • There is strong wind at high season.
  • You can kitesurfing every where at phan rang
  • There are 3 kite school in phan rang but i just seen crowded at phi kite school
  • Ninh chu beach club there are no kiter at day that i have been there. I don’t know why ?
  • There is a good place at phan rang you can free play that hang rai. There is a tour kite that they are stay there at that day to kitesurf. Below some of image about that:

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