The New Season 2018-2019 for Mui ne Kiteboarding is Coming

Well, finally the high season for kiteboarding in mui ne is coming. We are so excited. we are preparing fight for this season. There a few things that we must do before enjoy this season.

You know, when you don’t drive for long time (in this case six month we don’t play kite surfing) this mean your kite may be problem like deflated, sea salt… so, you need to check around.

This week the wind look good although just the head of the season. However, may be there are a lot of trash such as punk, nylon…

like many season before this season also the same that we will still drive at malibu beach of Mui ne. This place as always good wind, low traffic, good waves (if you using surfboard). In case you have just come to Mui ne for kiteboarding and would like to know all about kitesurfing in Mui ne. You can check this article and here for more info.

Well, after we prepared every things necessary we have go to ahead by the attack the malibu beach vietnam. The wind is so good these days. as always the waves also high.

It seems like strong wind compared to our kites. We use 10m kite. however, this can not stop us enjoy this day. There are just us and two russian guys drive today. a brother like pro and another like beginner. However, this wind and this waves not fit for beginner.

Because the wind just started therefore, it is not regular. sometime strong sometime low and gusts. after today we will come back when the wind is good.

followed a great day kiteboarding we had a trip to Bong Lai Tien Canh Mui ne. This is a famous place at Mui ne. It nearly place that we kitesurfing. standing on top of this place you can see all everythings.

You can cafe, camping or working at here. Sometime I had also work at here. way back to the trip we have enjoy cafe at highest and then drink some things at lower place.

We have completed a great day.

and now just ask me if you have any questions in Mui ne. Thanks for your time!

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