Mui ne Surfing

Mui ne is a beautiful place in Vietnam that is famous for offering excellent kitesurfing and surfing opportunities. This place has a number of surfing schools that offer lessons to beginners. The offshore winds at Mui ne beach create waves that are good enough for some beginner and intermediate surfing.

Here is a quick look at the opportunities, surf spots, rentals and other details about surfing at Mui Ne.

Mui Ne surfing season

High season: October – April

The high season for surfing at Mui Ne is from October to April. This is the best time if you want to catch waves for kite and wind surfing. The offshore winds during this period create considerable waves which are just perfect to ride. If you are concerned about the weather of Mui Ne during the high season, don’t worry. Mui Ne has a relatively dry weather year-round. This makes it a perfect spot to visit during any time of the year.

During the high season, the mornings are relatively calm. As the day progresses the temperature on the beach rises. This draws in the wind from the sea and creates waves along the beach. The waves are quite large during the high season which is why most wind and kite surfers are attracted to Mui Ne beaches during the high season from October to April.

Low season: June – October

Outside the peak season, surfers can still visit Mui Ne during the low season which spans from June to October. During this season, the winds are less predictable which means that the waves are not as huge and you can’t be certain of good surfing waters or an average day.

Another notable factor during the low season is the monsoons. Monsoon rains can significantly affect the conditions along the beach for surfers. So make sure you read up on the weather forecast before you head to Mui Ne during the low season.

Mui Ne surfing school

Mui Ne has a 12-kilometer long stretch of beautiful bay. The bay offers plenty of surfing opportunities which is why you find plenty of surfing schools along the beach.

The trick is to find a training school that has certified teachers and offers quality training. We have shortlisted three of the best surfing schools based out of Mui Ne. A quick intro and brief reviews of these schools are included below.

Of course we also offer Surfing lessons in Mui ne Vietnam. You can check this page for more information about the packages to learn.

Kitesurf Vietnam School

Kitesurf Vietnam School is one of the surfing schools based at Mui Ne. The school is a great choice because it offers both hands-on and educational instruction for beginners. Located in Coco Beach resort, the surfing school keeps track of the weather and the waves, adjusting the surfing spot from day to day. The school has a certified surf instructor, which is a very important factor to consider.

Vietnam Surf School has competitive pricing packages, charging by the hour. It also offers discounts if you sign up as a 2, 3 or 4-person group. Rental surf boards are available at the school and the school offers plenty for the more seasoned surfers as well.

Surfpoint Kiteboarding School

Surfpoint Kiteboarding School is another great surfing school based out of Mui Ne. This school is among the pioneers of surfing training in the area. A testimony to this school’s reputation is the Certificates of Excellence 2016 and 2017 which it has earned at TripAdvisor.

The school offers surfing instruction and courses for surfers at all levels, from beginner through to intermediate and advanced. The lessons are customized and tailored to the individual needs of each student, and the IKO certified instructors make sure all instruction and practice takes place in a perfect safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Surfpoint Kiteboarding School has access to two quality wave spots along the Mui Ne beachline. This allows the school to offer plenty of choice to suit surfers at all levels. The school also offers a comprehensive range of surfing rental equipment for the enthusiasts.

Vietnam Surf Soul

Vietnam Surf Soul offers training, instruction and practice in surfing, kite surfing and stand-up paddling. The school is home to IKO-certified instructors and has an excellent location in Mui Ne.

Lessons in surfing and kitesurfing are offered at both beginner and intermediate/advanced levels. The school offers its lessons at two spots – the Sea Horse Resort and the Long Son Mui Ne Resort, depending on the weather conditions. Beginner lessons emphasize on safety and are designed to ensure both safety and quick learning.

Compared to the other surfing schools, the prices of the packages offered at Vietnam Surf Soul are more affordable, which is an added plus. The school offers the full range of surfing and stand-up paddling equipment on rent, so you don’t have to worry about finding the equipment elsewhere.

Surfboard Rental in Mui Ne

Vietnam Kiteboarding School

The Vietnam Kiteboarding School at Mui Ne offers a great variety of surfboard rental equipment. The school prides itself in its excellent selection of Jimmy Lewis surfboards. Available in a variety of sizes, these boards start at 6’2 and go all the way up to 10’4. The pricing is very flexible to suit surfing enthusiasts at all levels.

Regardless of the board size, the school charges $10 per hour per board. For weekly rentals, the rate is $150 per week per board. If you are going to be around at Mui Ne for more than a day or so and want to indulge some surfing fun, you may want to choose the weekly rental which is a more affordable option.

Jibe’s Beach Club

The Jibe’s Beach Club is home to a comprehensive range of water sports along the Mui Ne beachline. Training for beginners as well as intermediate surfers is offered by seasoned instructors. The school offers a wide range of rentals, including both short boards at 6’ and long boards at 8’6.

You can choose from full equipment or board-only options. Full equipment rentals for kitesurfing cost $30 per hour, $85 for the day and $400 for the week. If you are going to rent the board only, rentals cost $10 per hour, $27 per day and around $100 per week.

Windsurf rentals cost $18 per hour, $55 per day and $315 per week for the full range of equipment. Compared to most other rental services based at Mui Ne, the Jibe’s Beach Club offers a more flexible range of pricing options.

Mui Ne Local Surf School

If you are looking for affordable, quality surf rentals in the Mui Ne area, look no farther than the Mui Ne Local Surf School. The school offers the full range of surfing rentals including surfboard, softboard and longboards in all sizes. Depending on your preferences and the level of your expertise, you can easily pick a board that best suits your needs.

The rates offered at the Mui Ne Local Surf School are lower than most other rental services in town. The school charges a flat fee of $7 per hour for surfing equipment. Rent for a full day is $20 while you can also rent equipment on a weekly basis for $100. The weekly package offered by the school is especially affordable and is the perfect option if you intend to enjoy surfing at Mui Ne for an entire week or longer.

Surfing Spots in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is famous for being home to a number of awesome surfing spots. Some of the most popular surfing spots at Mui Ne are listed below.

The Center Beach

The Center Beach is the most popular and well-known surfing spots in Mui Ne. For this reason, it is quite crowded during the high season. Swells can come in during both high season and low season, offering some opportunities for windsurfing as well. Kitesurfing is possible through most of the year.

Time to Surf: High season and low season

Malibu Beach

Malibu is another excellent spot for surfing in Mui Ne. This spot is less crowded and somewhat removed from the Main Beach. The perfect time to kitesurf at Malibu is early in the morning when the offshore winds haven’t yet kicked in to generate larger swells.

Malibu has plenty of space with fewer surfers, so you get to enjoy riding the board over a large space. The convenient time to surf is in the High season and in the low season almost no waves.

Time to Surf: High season

Ocean Vista Beach (Little Buddha)

The Ocean Vista Beach is a spot in Mui Ne that is known for a sheltered break with the wave generated largely thanks to a sea wall along the beach. The surfing opportunities are good for both beginners and more advanced riders. The spot is perfect for some quality kitesurfing during the high season, from November all the way to the early summers.

Time to Surf: High season

Suoi Nuoc Beach

If you don’t dig crowds and want a more relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy surfing, Suoi Nuoc is for you. This is the least crowded surfing spot in Mui Ne. The beach area stretches out in front of a small beach club called Jibes Beach Club. You can get rentals and hire instructors here for some beginner lessons.

These are 4 main spots for surf in Mui ne. Beside, there are some of other small places we will update soon. Just follow us for more experience for surf at mui ne.