Mui ne Wakeboarding

Mui Ne is heaven of kitesurfing and windsurfing. But when it is not windy there are many activites in the sea One of them that is wakeboarding. In this article we will discuss about Mui ne Wakeboarding. The information that you need to know before enjoy this sport.

How Mui ne Wakeboarding work?

Wakeboarding in mui ne use power of jetski or Cano to drag, but used jetski is more than. Because it’s easy to control and compact. We usually use 650 cc Jeski and the kiteboards for this sport. It’s perfect.

Which the weather that good for wakeboarding?

No wind and flat water.You will find that time at the morning every day or summer days.

Who fit for Wakeboarding?

For everyone. Kitesurfers, beginners or the person who don’t know everything about this. But if you are the beginner of kitesurfing then this activity perfect for you. You can practice standing on the board with this sport. In fact, when I begin learning kitesurfing I have practiced for standing on the board with this action.

Where to hire the services for wakeboarding in Mui ne?

There are not much the agents for rent this in Mui ne and we are one of them. We provide services wakeboarding in Mui ne. We provide full package as well as customize packages. You can choose to using your board or use our board. Below are the prices of us. Making your choice and call (0906383705) or message me to hire your wakeboarding.

15 Minutes400.000 vnđ
30 Minutes700.000 vnđ
60 Minutes1.200.000 vnđ

*This price include: Jetski, kiteboard, rope.

15 Minutes300.000 vnđ
30 Minutes600.000 vnđ
60 Minutes1000.000 vnđ

*This price apply if you use your equipments.