Two Days for Kitesurfing in Phan Rang Vietnam

Phan rang is one of the best spots for kitesurfing in Vietnam and We have a trip two days for kiteboarding at that. Below is the recap for this trip 🙂

We begin at Mui ne by motorbike. Our destination is Phi Kite School in Phan Rang. We just bring the kite 10m, not kiteboard because we don’t want to carry more luggage. we want to hire boards at Phi Kite School.

After 3 hour, We were at phan rang. We get the rooms at hacom galaxy hotel. This is the new hotel and everything is so good. We really like that.

After lunch around 13 o’clock we go to Phi School. from our hotel to there around 20 km and 30 minutes by motorbike.

There is one surprise for kiteboarding in Phan rang that beside wait wind you must wait the water :D. When we were that 14 o’clock but the water not come yet. We must wait around 1 hour the water is coming.

Waiting the water

There are also many kite surfers are waiting here. Crowded 😀

For explain this, because Phi Kitesurfing School stay on the lagoon. This mean there are two level water in here. the first water have water outside, and the second water is flat wate inside. and this water must Wait for the tide to come up.

Finally, the water is also up. We setup the kite and hire two boards from Phi. They are not best kiteboards but it enough for us.

Kite setup

The wind a little week for 10 m. we have a little hard for up wind :D. But it’s ok after that. 😀

There are alot of rock outside just be careful when you jum or do anything techniques. if you land not good you can meet the sand and the rock :D.

We have finished the first day for kiteboarding at phan rang at 4 o’clock. It seems a little early here because I saw some of guys still setup the kite and continues :D.

We begin the second day in Phan Rang by visit Hang Rai tourist area. a beautiful places in Phan Rang. We decided to go to school later than yesterday. around 4 o’clock we will be there as we knew the water come to late :D.

at this day the kitesurfers also crowded like the first day. We did not even get the board of the first day. and Mr. Phu give me a board bigger than my size :D. this not good to me but it’s ok in this case 😀 :D.

However, It seems the big board is lucky for me because the wind not enough for upwind and big board is a good way for that :D.

We have finished the second day at 5 o’clock. overall look it good for that day.

Quick review Phi Kite School


  • friendly
  • full services: you can buy equipment, hire, they have restaurant, bar and guest house
  • Nice beach


  • Some rock. But this is not a matter. They will clear it as time.

We come back Mui ne, On the next morning we ended an interesting and fun trip. Thanks so much to Phi Kite School. We will come back with more friend :).


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