Wakeboarding: how to get up like a pro in the beginning

Wakeboarding is a very much loved sport, especially among young people. In wakeboarding, all you need is just a little wake to get up and start enjoying. Anyone can learn how to get up in wakeboarding by using the right tips and techniques.

So, if you are new to wakeboarding, here are the tips that can totally make your first day worthy. 

Supplies you need

Wakeboarding is not a cheap sport for sure. But you also don’t have to own everything to enjoy wakeboarding like a motorboat; you can rent it. Here are the things you must need. 

  • Life vest: For wakeboarding, it is essential that you put on your life vest. Even if you know how to swim it will help you to get up. It keeps you afloat on the water surface without putting much effort.
  • Bindings: Set the bindings to the board first. They must be just right – not too tight or too loose. Your feet will maintain balance, so it is important that you choose the right size bindings. If they are loose, you will slip out; and if they are tight, you can not have fun.
  • Helmet: You can wear a helmet as well to protect your head from any injury in the beginning.
  • A wakeboard.
  • A powerboat.
  • A rope with the handle: Mostly, the rope has a length between 30-50 feet. But, for the new wakeboarders, it is suggested that the shorter the rope, the better it would be. The 20 feet rope is perfect for beginners. 

Your Position

To get up, you need to take care of different body parts. They must be in the correct position to take you up the water. First go into the water while holding the handle with one hand, only wave to start the motor when you get comfortable in the position. Your whole setup will keep you afloat on the water top.

Your hands

Hold the handle in a way that your hands remain straight with the handle. They must be parallel to water without any bend. You also must hold it tightly when the boat starts to move. It will be no good if it slips away from your hand. Also, to secure the tow rope, don’t try to hook it to you. It will only create problems for you. 

What you need to understand here is that you don’t have to do anything other than just gripping the handle. All the work will be done by the boat and pulling the rope will give you trouble. Don’t force your hands to help you get up. If you do so, you won’t be able to achieve your goals of getting up like a pro. Your arms must be above your knees. And the handle must be close to your chest. 

Your feet

Bend your feet and take your knees towards your body as close as possible. Again don’t use any force to lift yourself up. The boat power will do that for you. You have to relax. Just stay focused on maintaining your balance. The closer you are to the board, the easier it would be to get up. When the boat starts to move, remain in this squatting position. 

Which foot moves first when you start to walk? Put that foot at the front because in the beginning, it is going to bear most of your weight and allow you to take the right position with balance.

Your board

Your wakeboard must be perpendicular to the water and parallel to you. Don’t push it deep underwater. Some part of it should be floating above. If it goes below you, you will not be able to maintain your position when the tow rope tightens. 

The handle

When you just start to rise, keep the rope low near your hip. Don’t take it above your hips, as it will make you lose balance. You will find it harder to stand up if that happens. 

Straightening up

When the tow rope straightens up, it will pull you up as well. When it is tight, don’t resist and naturally move with the flow. Bend your knees slightly to absorb the impact. 

Now when you get up, lean forward or backward to shift your weight between toes and heels.

Boat Speed

Slow and steady win the race. You must remember that same goes here. There is no need to rush and get to the boat’s full speed when trying to get up. In the beginning, the boat must not be at very speed. A speed under 26 km/hour is considered to be the best for beginners because it will give you the right pull to get up. 

Extra tips

Here are some tips that might help you in this sport. 

  • When you are on board, the boat driver cannot hear you, so you and the driver both must set some signals to increase or decrease speed, and to stop. Use sign language like thump’s up, thump’s down, etc. 
  • When the boat is pulling you up, don’t pull backward. Your body should remain relaxed to allow the boat to lift you up.
  • If you fall, stay where you are. The boat will come back to you. Leave the rope. The driver will give it to you again when you make the move. Also, you must stay relaxed during this time.
  • Many people are unable to get up just because they are putting pressure on the wrong foot. If your first choice isn’t giving you the right balance, just switch your foot.


The best way to get up in wakeboarding is by remaining relaxed. If you force yourself you will ruin your session. You have to allow the boat to move you. Once you get up and attain balance, you can do many things and maneuver in many ways.

But to do all these, you need to get up first. Wakeboarding is really a fun sport and keeps you fit and active. If you follow the above-mentioned rules, then you can easily learn to get up in no time.