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Where Can I Find the Surfboard Shaping Templates and Rocker too?

The surfboard shaping templates and rocker are important in making surfboard. Will more difficult if you design by yourself especially if you are beginner.

Fortunately, I have found the site provide both these things and I’m so grateful the founder of this site because they created the useful website.

The site will help you save a lot of time. I have spend a lot of time to finding template and rocker before found the site. I love it so much! Thanks so much to founder of the site.

Ok, the site name is:

You can find a lot of template of surfboard also rocker in this beside that they also have template of fins.

Regardless, you looking for shortboard, longboard, egg… No matter what you’re looking for, this site has it all.

So, How to using this site resource?

You can also see this page: for exactly when you print the file.

See below video for connect the page in file together.

Small tip: After you connect them together you can place this on the thin plywood (for template) and cut it out. and using this when you shape the board.

For rocker you should it to making the stringer it will easier no stringer.